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  1. I am suggesting this:

    Information on Empire Minecraft player SkyDragonv8
    Group: Regular
    Derelict Status: In 30 days, moments
    Voting: 123 Bonus - Last: 10 minutes
    Online Status: Connected to this server (smp4)
    Location: Town
    First Empire Sign-in: 931 days, 20 hours ago
    Residences: 4 out of 1 residences owned

    I hope you see what I am pointing out, if you did not it is the last section thing.
    Also if this is added, why not add it so hovering over it displays the server and residence #s of each residence.

    I mainly want this because I do not always know if I am able to claim another residence and this would be convenient to have.
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  2. Type /res to view it. That'll solve your problem. But this would be great to have.
  3. Oh wow.
  4. /res as said, but I just don't see why the users 4/1 status needs to be public.

    However, adding a list of what Residence addresses the user has thats clickable to go there (if on same server, or auto tp in future) would be something we can do.
  5. On This Topic, If We Reset A Res (I Have 4) Do We Keep The Res Or Does It Just Go Away?
  6. You will keep a reset residence.
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  7. reset does not unclaim, but don't mix it up with unclaim, which will give it up, and then you will be unable to claim another.
  8. Thanks!