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  1. The wiki says how to remove flags. It mentions the "r".
  2. Is there some specific place to suggest minor additions like this to the wiki? Because there should be.
  3. Currently you can just use the 'Suggestion Box', but I do think that there should be a separate suggestion box for Wiki-related suggestions. If Krysyy or another staff member 'in control' of the Contribution Team hasn't seen this thread already, or hasn't seen it by tomorrow morning for whatever reason, i'll go case everyone about this :p
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  5. Yes but not how to remove ALL flags. Suppose you don't know who has build access but your res got griefed. You wouldn't know what to do.

    I just thought of something else. If you tried to set build access globally false, would it do anything? Build access already is globally false. So does that command also remove build access from everyone you gave it to individually? And if so, then what if you don't want to lose your custom settings for your friends, but you did have a brief period where you gave global build rights?
  6. /res default is listed under the residence commands section.
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  7. Flags per player will override flags for the res. For instance, if you have use turned off globally (like most res's do) and a player has use flag, they can use stuff. As for these second question, t & f are opposites of eachother, so just do that.
  8. That thread did not have any extra information the wiki page does not also have.
    The individual player flag would override the residence flag.
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  9. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having the information in two places.
    Right here on the second page:
    Good to know. That's how I suspected it would work. In that case, consider my scenario below:

    A new player will give a few of their friends a build flag so they can help build things. Someone griefs and they don't know who, so they want to take all the flags away. Right now the wiki says "/res set [flag] f" will "remove a flag from everyone", so they type "/res set build f" and assume the problem is solved when in fact they've changed nothing.
  10. /Res default is listed under the residence page under commands. I guess res default can be added to the flag section, but it is listed on the wiki, still.

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