Add Gold/Iron (light/heavy) Pressure Plates for Res Portals

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by xXvexenXx, May 28, 2013.

  1. I know the game mechanics are for these two new pressure plates to be used for redstone and are only activated when items are dropped on them, but I would like to suggest that they be coded to allow for in-town res portals as well.

    They have a distinctive appearance (texture pack depending I know) and would go well with the players designing their residences if they could be used for res portals.

    Just a thought. :)

    - Vexen
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  2. Doesn't seem like a bad idea but it seems that not many people would use this. It's a good idea for design but doesn't benefit the whole community which makes it a side idea that could be added later after some more important things (*Cough* *Cough* dragon tombs *Cough* *Cough*) Are implemented. But overall not a bad idea.
  3. Hm, was thinking about the same thing. It's a nice idea, but more fit for after more important things are done.
  4. The suggestion wasn't intended to trump larger, more pressing tasks but rather if it were a simple change like adding two ID #'s to a file type thing... :) I'm not sure if it is set up that way or if it is hard coded in.
  5. Pretty Sure This isn't vanilla :p

    EDIT: Just understood it :p I thought you were suggesting a completely new block and pressure plate system, but this sounds good :)
  6. It shouldn't be to difficult for Aikar to add those to the RTS system... (I would assume)
  7. I have thought of the idea before and now that somebody has asked for it, you have my fullest support.
  8. But inst that the point of the iron/gold pressure plates? so that they work when items are dropped? but then again if you could have both options that would be pretty cool :D
  9. Total support. I have a room with an iron floor, and stone pressure plates look really bad.
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  10. if aikar can get thease to work then in 1.6 he could have carpets work in the same way (hidden traps ;))
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  11. I want to add gold telepads, Bling it out!
  12. fun fact... they already are..

    But because players cant "activate" them alone, it doesn't work :(

    It would require a new event based on "weight added" to determine it, but that is not something we have time to add our selves.
  13. We, the masses of EMC, hereby demand that you shelve the Dragon Tombs, Wild Protect and all other features until this one is done and implemented. :D
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  14. So if you stand on one and throw an item down, it would teleport you?
  15. assuming you don't pick up the item before it teleports you. *nice Grey text
  16. What if you made an item teleporting thing with this O_O
  17. Best idea - hopper with, say, diamonds in each of the five slots, iron/gold plate on top. Throw diamond to get teleported!
    Oh and I was just demonstrating "invisible" text to my friends - they were massively confused by the idea... "So it's always the color of the background?"