add an enraged chicken

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  1. i think you shoul add a mob called an enraged chicken that has red eyes and runs around with a wooden sword and kills people in one hit it would be like revenge of the chickens as players can kill chickens in one hit with any sword. but make it have like 4 hit points because otherwise it would be a bit over powered.
    special abilities: one hit kill
    run speed increased
    jump boost
    no fall damage( like normal chickens)
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  2. That makes it easy to kill with arrows then
  3. enraged chicken... sounds like my dinner last night
  4. I actually physical lol'd when I saw the title haha
    There is certainly no code for chickens to hold swords and giving them 4 hit points wold make them have less health.
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  5. So, you are saying that a chicken can kill us with one hit but we can't kill the chicken with on hit because it wold be overpowered? I think your speed chicken insta-killer high jumping chicken sounds a bit overpowered if you ask me.
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  6. Let me show you why the answer will be no.
    1. There can't be 2 chicken textures with each being selected depending on the mob.
    2. Chickens are passive. Although there might be a way to make certain chicken spawns as aggressive, i'm not sure though :p
    3. How the hell would a chicken hold a sword?
    4. Wooden swords do not One-Shot Kill.
    5. Easy to kill, just run off a cliff with water at the bottom or make it a low drop, and attack. Or shoot with a bow.
    6. Chickens don't really jump much, and that would actually make it easier to kill one.
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  7. image.jpg
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  8. also all the complainers from the new mobs would be all like "ermagerd so op killed me in god armor in one hit and i was over 9000 blocks out herpa derp im leaving emc"

    just liek they did when enraged were released and hence why i can hardly find any now, good thing i got my three dc of z pots while the drops were good
  9. Pls no. That makes no sence.
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  10. But we already have chickeneer. :eek:
  11. Don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry... O_O
  12. Aikar has done a tremendous job on enraged mobs. Asking for silly passive mobs that are enraged will take hours upon hours of plugin work. Why not be happy with the mobs Aikar gave us. ( I'm not saying its bad to suggest aggressive mobs that you want to see have an enraged form, but passive mobs.... )
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  13. I don't know, I kind of like the idea. Maybe not a single overpowered one, but perhaps coming in flocks? Seeing the death message alone would be worth it. :D
  14. Or maybe have them all go nuts on you if you attack one, Legend of Zelda stlye
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  15. "Cordial_Pie was slain to death by a mob of Enraged Chickens"
  16. Decent. Perhaps on Halloween there could be enraged chickens. However, they cannot have red eyes.
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  17. I'd agree with Penguin. Maybe on a special occasion, but not everyday