Add a 'chat' section to the tutorial

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  1. Hi gang,

    And to be even more specific, I'm referring to this section right here:

    This section explains the forums, events and mumble but not about chatting...

    The reason for my suggestion is simple. As you probably know regular members cannot access town chat from within the waste or wild. However; people coming out of the tutorial wouldn't know about that. As far as I've seen there's nothing in the tutorial which covers chatting, apart from explaining the basic chat rules of course.

    And this can lead up to strange situations I think. Because what happens if people use the right exit in this area:

    Tutorial exits: town, the study room and the Frontier

    When in the frontier they could try chatting. Like asking "how do I get back to town?", but no one would hear them (I know there's a town portal in place, but I also think its easy to overlook for new players (also depending on the outpost)).

    Reason I came up with this? This morning I had my chat status turned on and to my surprise saw someone finishing the tutorial without the common welcome message. Further study learned me that the player managed to go straight to the wastelands and that made me curious and got me thinking.
  2. Small update

    Some of my friends commented that this suggestion seemed a bit too easy for my doing and I guess they're right; it lacks arguments and/or something to look at.

    So, this is what I suggest:

    You can visit it yourself by going to: 3544@tutsuggest

    (ps: already fixed the typo ;) )
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  3. I'll look at adding something similar to this in the next tutorial mini update (expected week after wastelands reset). I need to replace the town spawn anyways =)
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