Add a "auctions" and "suggestions" website shortcut

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  1. Hi gang!

    As you may (or may not) know there are a lot of very handy shortcuts which we can use to quickly access some specific part of the Empire Minecraft website. For example; if you're unsure about the rules then you only need to look at: Are you wondering about upcoming events? Couldn't be easier:

    And there are a lot more. A few of my favorites:

    List of all the commands:
    Overview of all the residence flags:
    The Empire news (use this to keep up with the 1.8 developments!):

    As you can see: easy to remember words (rules, events, staff, vote) where all you need to do is add "" to it and type it into your browser.

    So now there are 2 shortcuts which I'd like to suggest to add: which would redirect us to the community auctions.

    Motivation: Many players don't even participate on the forums all that much but are still active in the auction section which allows them to buy (or sell) their items. So I think it might be a nice shortcut to have because it will also allow us to more easily point players to the auction section whenever they're looking to buy items but can't find these in-game. which would redirect us to the already suggested ideas page.

    Motivation: Some of us, like myself, like to come up with ideas. And sometimes forming the idea and wording it into a nice suggestion can be a trick on its own (depending on the idea). So I think it would be nice to have the overview of already existing ideas more easily accessible so that we can access this without too much effort.

    And there you got it ;)
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