Actors Needed For Herobrine Shine Movie --- Get paid --- Maker: Maxozzy1

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Should we do this movie?

Of course! 15 vote(s) 83.3%
Take it away its going to be terrible~ 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Maxozzy1 is making a movie about Herobrine but needs actors!
    She needs you to act out some parts!
    You get paid 300r if u play the main role and 250r on other roles!

    Here are the parts, they are:
    Main role Male: Lester Taken
    Main role male: Dakota Taken
    Main Role Male: Jake Taken
    Herobrine Minions: As many people
    Main Role Male: Herobrine Taken
    Role: Pigman 1 Taken
    Role: Pigman 2 taken
    Main First Part Female: Lucy taken
    Camera man: Paid 500r

    After the movie is filmed it will soon be uploaded onto EMC website --- here!
    So why not get some fame by being apart of the

    I am the assistant of this movie so thats why i posted this instead of Maxozzy1

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  2. I will be the pigman.
  3. What days will you guys be shooting this on?
  4. where do i audition? i wanna do this :D
  5. Ill do any of the parts that are male
  6. hi this is maxozzy comeon to smp7 for auditions and open parts
  7. Herobrine please....
    If I can be there of course...
  8. go to smp7 Maxozzy1 res for parts
  9. go to smp7 for parts that are open Maxozzy1 res
  10. come to my res on smp7 for herobrine
  11. smp7 ask for maxozzy
  12. Auditions: Any time till 25th-30th December
    Filming day: 2nd of January
    Auditions and film set at 14075
    Please contact Maxozzy1 to do auditions
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  13. On 2nd of January 2013
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  14. You can audition now if you want on smp7 14075
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  15. i cant get on... cant i just apply here? :(
  16. I want a part but my internet is dead
  17. I will play as something. Something big and special please :)

    Also, I want my own dressing room, make up chair and offer private facilities including food bar having fresh food throughout the day
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  18. Wow........ xD
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  19. Ok sure... but ur dressing room will have to be on one of my reses since theres no space on the res we r filming it :p
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  20. Will have to do. I want a private pig ready to take me
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