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  1. I was on a certain server and they had an achievement system ( not vanilla achievements ) and I thought, why not have achievements on EMC? You could see how players did with /achievement Aikar or something. Some examples of achievements could be:

    Beginning of Something Great- Claim a residence
    Marlix Madness- Kill a Marlix
    Momentus Rumble- Kill a Momentus
    Enraged Killer- Kill every Enraged Mob at least once
    Easter Egg Finder- Find all the Tutorial Easter Eggs
    Better Safe than Sorry- Create a locked chest
    Helping the Empire- File a report
    Better Together- Be in a group
    Beauty is in the eye of the Beheader- Get a player head
    Nice and Stable- Use the /stable
    Item Vaulter- Use /vault
    Promo Hoarder- Buy at least 5 promos
    Shopoholic- Spend over 1 million rupees
    Halfway There- Have 1/2 a million rupees

    This could help people not be bored on minecraft but have goals to work up to and it could possibly prevent people quit due to boredness.
  2. Not a bad idea actually. I can't see it being too hard to add, but then again I have no idea. Some people like to play games to get all the achievements or to get big ones to boost their gamerscore (on the Xbox 360 anyways). Achievements personally don't appeal to me but I know they do for some people. :)
    In other words, HECK YES
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  4. I really like this idea, it would add an added aspect of challenge to EMC. +1.
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  5. This could be really cool. There could be a whole range of them, for reaching 100k rupees and for things like killing a momentus :p
  6. I like this idea. Maybe you could get small rupee bonus boosts for getting certain amounts of achievements.
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  7. I know any game with an extensive achievement system can keep me playing for days and days (i.e. cookies clicker :p) so I think this would be really cool to add. +1 support
  8. Start game, Earn achievement, Rage quit, Come back and earn more, REPEAT.
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  9. I got some more,
    Rupees madness- earn 50k rupees
    Mini boss slayer - kill 5 marlix and 5 momentus
    Collector - one at least 5 promo items
    Shop owner - have 10 shop signs
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  10. What about "Got dirt?- mine out your residence completely.
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  11. Love this idea,
    • Special EMC enchantments
    • Small Rupee bonus for each enchant (obviously some more than others)
    • Have a part of your profile where you can see all of the Achievements you have earned, add them to your Signature
    This is the best thing to happen to EMC since a certain sharp-dressed cow met a certain head-banded developer.
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  12. These would be sweet with the new achievement broadcast thing in 1.7 too he heh hehhhh
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  13. This is as awesome as nick5013 is pretty.
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  14. I like, but maybe not the /report thing. That would cause more Abuse or reporting, agreed?
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  15. First thing i tought when i saw that..
  16. Possible kinda-fix-ish: File a report that results in visible staff action.
  17. Or, have some achievements hidden that you have to 'discover' them :p
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  18. Would achievements that you might have already achieved (claiming a res, killing a marlix) need to be repeated if this were to be implemented?
  19. Yes, but I predict the claiming a residence and the rupee transaction ones should be reliant on whether you own a residence and whether you paid 1,000,000r in your rupee history.