Accepting People who need Jobs!

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  1. Don't have a job? Need money? Wanna work for someone? YOU FOUND THE PLACE!

    Hello, EMC! This is a service that allows ANYONE who needs a full-time/part-time job. All I need are miners ready to get money. I will pay my emplyees 200 rupees a month if they can supply me with items such as stone, wood, etc. Whenever I'm on, you can just come to /v BountyCole on smp2 to get started! But, I might need to issue this warning, in case some of you forgot.

    Please, do NOT mine in the Wildnerness, as doing so could cause a temporary/permanent ban. If my emplyees are banned, I will be looked down on until I try to appeal their ban, or vice versa. So, this doesn't just count for people who want to work for me, but for EVERYONE, that it is not encouraged to mine or gather wood in the Wilderness. If you do so, leave it better than you found it by replanting the trees you chopped, etc.

    Well, that's pretty much all I have for ya. Thanks, and remember, I'm accepting everybody!
  2. I will accept this job and can easily provide you with wood from my tree farm and stone from my cobble generator.
  3. 200r is hardly worth a month's time of mining.
    Why would you be appealing their ban?
    edit: What do you mean by vice versa? Until they try to appeal your ban? What? :confused:
  4. You have been accepted. Conact me In-Game when you get the chance.
  5. You make a good point there. You could raise the pay.
  6. Thanks. I will work on it as soon as I can.
  7. You know, Rythmatically, if you aren't going to want a job, close the door on your way out.
  8. I never opened a door. I just asked a question. :p
  9. Ugh, fine. If Rythmatically is going to make you even more greedy, fine. 300.
  10. It is quite a low pay I don't mind it but I make more than that in 2 days. Also where not greedy we are just asking for fair pay.
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  11. Ok, yeah, that was a bit rude of me. Sorry. By what I mean when I'm going to have to appeal their ban, I have the respnsibility of doing so, because my employee who got banned was MY EMPLOYEE. And, vie versa, if I get banned for making someone go out somewhere, and they going to the Wilderness and mining, I might get banned, and I don't want my employees being looked down upon until they appeal MY ban.
  12. If you don't want the job because of pricing, guess what, there are ALWAYS other job opportunities.
  13. You could just pay me in books and quills how does that sound?
  14. It is their responsibility to mine in the correct place. You should not be appealing their ban. I am not sure where it is stated, but the banned player must be the one appealing their ban. :p
  15. If you want to know what KIND of other opportunities, The Ranchers' Union will cover your needs.
  16. I don't have many book and quills, and on smp2, the prices on those items are SKYROCKETING.
  17. I don't know... I would still feel a little responsible...
  18. Let me repeat this:
  19. Well, a night bump, so yeah. Maybe a bump for tomorrow.