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  1. Some people know about this secret village, especially if you live in the smp7 complex owned by Janicethedorito. But theres a village owned by kidbadit and anonymous6611. So secretly, im accepting people to live in this majestic town! If your willing to have a small house in this village, you must say in the reply thread "all hail lord wallius" and explain why you deserve to live there. There are some requirements though. You must...
    ~be VERY honest, that means no griefing at all or stealing'
    ~be nice, that means dont be rude to anyone that lives in this town
    ~MUST have been playing this server for at least a month
    ~be willing to take a small house (mainly 7x8)
    ~must be on at least 4 days a week constantly

    For the best explaination to why you deserve a place, you will win prizes!

    BEST: 10x10 house + a 2nd floor
    2nd: a 7x8 house +a 5x5 basement
    3rd: a 5x5 house +5 gold ingots

    if theres only like 2 people that reply to this post, the contest is canceled
    If you win, you will get something in your inbox. If its gold, Silver, or bronze Text, that means YOU WON SOMETHING! If its just this text, you have lost sadly, but i might hold on of these in the future. I hope for the best of everyone!!!
  2. "all hail lord wallius"

    I should live there because I supplied half the build and know where its at ( unless he moved it again )
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  3. This reason deserves gold.... Sarcasm ftw.