[Accepting Offers] Tree Farm

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for someone to build me one of those tree farms which place the trees in a block to be
    'mined'. You must supply your own supplies and it must work. I am now accepting offers for how much you will do it for. The cheapest offer I receive will be accepted. Thanks
  2. Please wait 3 hours before bumping :)
  3. Couple of questions.
    Do you want all trees?
    Do you want a leaf eater for max sapling drop?
    How big of a block of wood would you like?

    I can make a tree eater for 10-15k, I don't know what the market price would be.
  4. the problem i found with tree farms is the large amount of bone meal that it wastes per tree to sprout :/
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  5. Oak
  6. I can make you one, it is the model that I use. It has an automatic tree cruncher and unlike other tree farms will only use about 1-5 bonemeal per sappling, sometimes more if that tree happens to be very unlucky. I have the eco-version, which can occasionally break due to large trees growing, and I have the super safe version in which it cannot break.
    I haven't done any calculations for price, but here are some initial estimates.
    Eco is 19k
    Safe is 20k
    (Yeah, the eco isn't that much cheaper so I would reccomend the safe version. The eco is basically just a slice off the top.)
    The farming unit is, if I am not mistaken, is 6-7 blocks tall, 9 blocks wide and 7-8 blocks deep. If you are interested I can get exact measurements. The blockifying unit adds about 2 blocks on one side, and 14 blocks in the front. PM me for interest.
  7. Try contacting the player Apocryphan. :) He is really good at making these types of things :)