Acacia Leaves

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  1. I've planted some Acacia trees and I noticed, for some reason, that a few of the leaves decay and dropped saplings, even though the tree is still there. I picked up 7 saplings that would have despawned if I wasn't there. Has anyone noticed this? Would be a waste of saplings if its the normal behavior of this tree.

    Edit:Forgot to mention that there are several Acacia trees next to each other, so the leaves to mesh together, don't know if that's why or not.

  2. Did you remove 1 log or anything or did you just plant and the leaves decayed?

    Edit: Next time put it in the Empire Help & Support
  3. Just planted, they grew on their own with no bonemeal, and right away leaves decayed and the saps dropped.
  4. The same thing has been happening to me, dark oak does it also
  5. i haven't noticed this with dark oak so far, and i have no acacia saplings (although i need to go find some in the wild)
  6. I don't have that problem with acacia saplings.

    byw, I have some for sale at my shop.
  7. Just put a circle of hoppers under the tree leading in to a chest. problem solved.
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  8. For the past several versions of Minecraft, 2x2 Jungle trees and large oak trees have had some leaf block decay.
    Basically, the MC code allows them to spawn leaves in locations that are not close enough to a log and thus will decay, sometimes dropping saplings.

    Once those leaves not close enough to logs decay, the rest should stay, so I don't mind.

    You can add logs or manually place the leaf blocks if you don't want any decay, but not worth it imo.

    Now, i dont know for sure if 1.7.2 is any different, but I'm pretty sure its just the same thing that has always happened for complex and big trees.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. I've never noticed this happening on any tree before, oak/birch/spruce/jungle, and it happened as soon as the tree grew. It's not a huge deal really, wasn't looking for help or fix for it.

    It was just one of them "huh, I've never seen it do that before" moments.

    Thanks anyway.