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  1. The original grinder service is back! Once again I'm making your naturally generated spawners into fully-functional XP/drop grinders. I guarantee 100% professionalism and service.

    Read on for information on prices and how to order.
    Grinder fix - 2000r (N.B. If lots of materials need to be supplied, that could result in a higher cost)

    One skeleton/zombie spawner - 3000r
    Two skeleton/zombie spawners - 5000r
    Three skeleton/zombie spawners - 6000r
    4+ skeleton/zombie spawners - Price would be discussed

    One cave spider spawner - 4000r
    Two cave spider spawners - 6000r
    Three cave spider spawners - 7000r
    4+ cave spider spawners - Price would be discussed

    One blaze spawner - 16,000r (13k with materials supplied by you)

    Any other mix of spawners that is not listed on the above lists would have to be discussed in the order PM.

    Note: After the first free 1000 blocks, I charge 400r/500 blocks for travel. 750r/500 blocks for the nether.
    To submit an order for me to review, please private message me by clicking this link. Try and use this format:

    Title: [GRINDER] <your name>'s <quantity & spawner(s)>
    For questions and orders, forum PM me with the coordinates, detailed information I might need to know, server, quantity/order information, like this:


    Sending me coordinates in the first message is not required if you don't feel comfortable doing so. You do need to send them when the order is confirmed, however. Also try and provide directions if there are any tunnels, rails, ect. to the location.

    Note: Remember that there must be a gap of max. 30 blocks between multiple spawners.
    I DO NOT reveal the locations of any of the grinders that I work on to anyone.

    I have had sufficient experience with setting up stable, working XP grinders. I trust that grinders I make will work to their best possible capacity - obviously 1 spawner block will be slower than 3 .

    After the spawner is complete, I have tested it and all appears to be working well, I hand it over and you may contact me with any questions in a forum message.
  2. Updated some info regarding grinder fixes.
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  3. I might be interested in a Spider grinder... I'll wait for the price to be confirmed.
  4. The price isn't what's to be confirmed, the fact that I might/might not be making normal spider grinders is though. :) Where are they found nowadays?
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  5. I found one at my outpost on smp4. Though it was in the original spawned area... Well, I have one, I think :p
  6. Ah, sorry but I don't think I'll be doing them :/ Just Cave spiders
  7. Hm, I'm glad to see this back. I may be interested in a blaze farm. Is there a difference in price per 500 blocks in the nether like last time?
  8. There is now... thank you for reminding me. :)
  9. Hmm...
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  10. Hm?
  11. Hmmm....
  12. Ill have you build 2 depending on if my friend pays me or not :/
  13. Nag him for it! :p
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  14. Bump :)
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  15. Are you able to do dual Blaze Grinders?
  16. Not connected, that's too hard and glitchy on MP
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  17. Would you build darkroom grinders?
  18. Is it possible for you to offer a service for making player's grinders more efficent?
  19. I don't sorry
    That would come under a grinder fix, yep :)
  20. PM me. I can tell you the details and coordinates :D
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