Abstract Biome Residence :D

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  1. Well just another building idea I had in mind for ages, finally put it out there
    Well enough of that; Down to the details

    Residence: 17281
    Builder: southpark347
    Special Thanks: Kephras (helping with the circular floor design and donating some emerald blocks)


    As for that, I have 2 extra Residences, blank, what should be built upon those? Post your answer/comment below, Thanks! Edit: It would also be nice to see the Creation forum with more new threads and updates on new buildings, Share your creations !
  2. That looks really cool! :D 2 extra res's... Build something big and awesome. :D
  3. That looks amazing!
  4. LOVE IT!!!!
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  5. sweet digs yo
  6. It's good, but it is nothing compared to a dirt cabin a made once.
  7. Paid a visit last night, it looks even better in person. :)
    But it's missing the best biome of all - Desert! Y u no desert?

    As for next project, well that should be obvious. Something with desert! :D
  8. Sigh why wont EMC install an AWESOME button on the forums?
  9. Mmm I should make the outside desert then, like the outside grass area
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  10. Or maybe even something with dessert! :D

    Looks great!
  11. How about a dessert? ;)
    (No cakes, obviously)

    Maybe a residence devoted to 2D pixel art... I'd love to help. :)
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  12. HECK YEAH!!!!!

    When can I have one?
  13. This looks awesome! Keep up the good work! :)
  14. Wow. Just wow.
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