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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by shaunster567, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. I was banned after repeating something 3 times was warned and and I accepted the warning and did not repeat it after and was still banned! On Smp7 by some 'Dreacon78' dude or something
  2. Idk how they banned you for something you didn't do
  3. Yeah I know right? And I put :D after I repeated it....IT WAS A JOKE!
  4. No right way to banned appeal pm the mod who banned you. Also complaining about it here will not help your case.
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  5. Will be locked in 3...2....1
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  6. I dont even really care there are a lot of betr servers out there I just want everyone to know the 'Hospitality' of smp7
  7. Yup, what Dwight said. Go to members, click staff, click Dreacon78, click information, click start a conversation, and PM him your appeal.
  8. He knows what he did Im going to right now
  9. Lol if there are better servers, why were you ever here, and why are you getting upset?:)
  10. I just find it hostile to the players
  11. What hostile towards players you got 3 warnings and you didn't learn lesson hmmm maybe fault is on you than the mod you gave you warnings
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  12. If you don't like us, the door is open, just don't let it hit you on the way out.
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  13. I got one warning and was still banned
  14. i highly doubt making a thread about it and crying about something completely stupid is going to help at all... grow up and stop spamming the chat.
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  15. Then you are lucky just pm the mod who banned you. After this behavior Good Luck
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  16. I did. Calm down bro
  17. One warning is all it takes. You know all the rules? If not, reread them and hope to be unbanned.
  18. You're banned for two days, bro. I think you should be the one to calm down :p
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