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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by camdenmil, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. The smp4 dragon had twins.
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  2. <Weerlock posting
    The dragon, somehow, gave birth to two eggs, though I may ask. WHERE IS THE OTHER ONE. WHERE IS THE MALE. SERIOUSLY. WHERE. I demand to see it. Or maybe they reproduce with themselves, in which case, GENE POOL FAILURE.
  3. <supermaster110's note:

    That was seriously weerlock hijacking my computer in school. Don't judge me. Judge him.
  4. this actually would be a good idea to have a mod or two in the end to fix and prevent greifeing like when the smp4 end spawn was filled with lava (i died immediatly)
  5. this was all done due to much drama and yah tshack thats my point
  6. The SMP4 spawn was filled with lava? I had no idea, and none of my team did this. None of us brought lava buckets with us, as we were concerned with upholding the rules. Is it still there? If it is, I will sacrifice my nearly-broken diamond armor to give myself enough time to get out of the lava and fill it up.
  7. actualy you dont need armor if you are careful not to tick off any ender men. also im curious did u actualy follow us or did we find same 1 with u havin a small delay.

    o yah thanks for droping everyone into a cave .......owwwwwwww

    i look foward to smp5 and i hope to see you guys there it is nice to see the rest of the empire taking a shot at the challenge of the end
  8. I think a mod in the End would be a good idea, but it would have to be an actual moderator. If it were you, pilotcat, and camdenmil, I could not be so sure that you wouldn't abuse that power. I can't be sure that I wouldn't abuse that power. It would have to be someone like Dark_Liz or AusQB, someone trustworthy.
  9. We didn't follow you, it was just a coincidence. I was concerned we were being followed, and my pickaxe didn't have too many uses left, so I dug straight down. The endermen isn't the problem for diamond armor. The reason diamond armor is good is because the ender dragon can't hurt you or push you back if you have a full set of diamond armor on.
  10. I would like to propose something: would you and camdenmil like to join our team? I think it could work out better for everyone if we all worked together, and six people working together could kill the dragon in like 10 minutes, if we worked well. If you're interested, post here and I'll start a private conversation with the two of you.
  11. It would be cool if the End was reseted each week or month, so more people could gather the eggs.
  12. That would most likely create places where shops were selling the egg, and create an ubersurplus of endstone. The egg wouldn't be special anymore, and there wouldn't be this competition.
  13. i would vote every 3 to 6 months

    also it would be interesting if there were a dragon arena where dragons would spawn to be killed but not drop an egg only the real dragons would drop eggs
  14. I have a suggestion. How about you all are considered a team and just put your names on display at a certain residence.
  15. its been solved justin please freeze this thread
  16. Agreed this has all been solved, locked :)
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