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  1. As many people know, many people went to the end in SMP4 and the dragon was killed within an hour of the launch. Pilotcat and I went to the end in this server. (the other people in our "group" didn't come this time) We were one of the teams that geared up for this challenge. There has been much drama about the SMP4 egg unlike the SMP1, 2, and 3 because there were many people at the dragon fight while our group were the only people at the end in SMP1, 2, and 3. The person who "deserves" the egg is to be announced after the logs are analyzed. Unlike what many people have said, we did not sit around and wait for the dragon to die so we could steal the egg. We found the end with our own eyes of ender and many showed up at the location as we started digging. It is unknown if they followed us or if they found it concurrently. When we went into the portal, we destroyed most of the towers. Personally, I died but when I returned, I saw pilotcat as well as many others shooting at the dragon. When the dragon died, we piston'd the egg and put it on display in our museum on lot 2430. This is out part of the story.

    If we are not chosen as the owners of the egg, we will respect the admin's decision and provide the egg to an admin or to the person who earned it.
  2. Very mature of you guys :) So from what I see in the logs is a few people were present. Pilotcat and Camdenmil were one team, and the other team was supermaster110, volker7, Ozuar, weerlock on the other team. Two teams, correct?
  3. it is possible i am not sure they were a team but they were there
  4. Looks right, I remember seeing all of them there, didn't know they were one full team though.
  5. Yeah that is what I was wondering, I see those are the people present that "did damage". I cant tell who did how much the logs are not that advanced. I just wanted to know if they were one team :)
  6. we were a team and we did have our own eyes of ender. we planned this for a while and would like to have the egg. if not at least give us credit for helping kill the ender dragon. supermaster was actually the one who dug down to the portal and put in the eyes of ender. me and super where teloported out i=of the end unwillingly when the portal spawned on top of us. this is why we where not there to get the egg. maybe we could all put our names on it on a different res or something. you guys do have three others i don't see why you can't let us have this one. i agree you guys helped and i will give you credit if you give us the egg. as to where i place it, its would go on top of the nether spire in my castle in a glass veiwing area on smp3
  7. We have decided that we will award both teams one egg. It is the fairest way to handle this as both teams did work together. Who would like to receive the egg for the team that did not get it?
  8. we will give you credit hapily we did not have all the names to place there so we will give credit soon
  9. youl have to decide that with the three of them also we would like it if we could be sure it is protected from any noobs so nither team will have a loss
  10. supermaster had to go to a concert (hes my bro) i don't know about ozuar and weerlock though. i'm here and ill take it for now. and thank you there is no need for this to be a big deal anyway.
  11. Ok I will be on to give it to you in a second. Thanks for keeping your cool everyone :) Merry Christmas!!
  12. Note, we had our SMP1 egg in a glass display and some noobs used lag to dig through 3 layers of glass and teleport the egg. We now have it in a obsidian surrounded chamber with 5 thick glass and obsidian surrounding the glass. Just secure your egg well from noobs.
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  13. (the following is a joke.......unless u like it justin)

    lul it would be awesome if camdenmil and i could b the mods of the ends and it would be our job to warn u to respawn the dragon and also our job to take info about griefing in the end and deliver it to you

    (this was a joke..........unless u like it justin)
  14. i will give you credit in my display too so don't worry and thanks
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  15. You guys are awesome, and must be very skilled to get three (four) eggs. Thanks to you Justin for the egg, and we will take measures to protect it, as well as giving you credit. I am sorry Justin for the drama and the extra work, but this is a big deal to me personally and I appreciate the extra egg. Final team for SMP4 I guess:

    supermaster110 (Of course I'm going to put myself first, I play trumpet)

    I am sorry for calling you two noobs in previous posts, but you had on iron armor. Diamond armor is the only way to go when dealing with the Dragon. You clearly had very well-thought-out strategies.

    Also, I am sorry I could not post earlier. I was at my winter concert and, in my opinion, played very well. If it goes up on YouTube I'll put a link somewhere on the forums for anyone who enjoys music.

    Order of Music:
    MacArthur Park
    The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Sleigh Ride

    Sorry for the long post.
  16. Dont be sorry, and thanks for apologizing to the others :) Glad to see the community getting along, long live EMC!
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  17. Long live EMC!
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  18. lol. Justin can give 2 eggs!?
    God of empire :eek::D
  19. So does this mean that there's not gonna be another Ender Dragon to kill now? :(
  20. Not until SMP5.
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