? about spawner blocks

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  1. While excavating for my outpost I ran across a cave spider spawn block, I've managed to put up a functioning kill box up around it, so much easier to do in creative then in survival ;), but it's in a bad place for my plans...
    2 questions:
    1 is it possible to piston push a spawn block to "harvest" it, in the Empire, for placement elsewhere?
    2 will a spawn block default back to a pig spawn block if harvested as stated above?
  2. Pistons cannot push spawners of any kind.
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  3. Well bummer
    Thanks for the info, guess I get to work the room into my design.
  4. Oi, Cave Spider farms are a pain. Those little buggers cab get to you through 1/4 blocks, can't get out but they can bite you.
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  5. I got two set up once. The hardest part is lighting the area and then removing the lights when done. Also bad if you build it a little wrong and they escape and come at you.
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  6. In my experience, if that specific cave spider spawner is interfering with your plans, just torch it and look around a bit more. Chances are you will find another one really close. I've lit up all the caves around my outpost and have found a total of about 9 different cave spider spawners all within a 3 minute walk from center of "town".

    Not saying that everyone will have that amount of extreme luck, however i you look hard enough, chances are you will find at least one more relatively close.