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  1. Hello, All i'v heard alot of I liked your post for so and so, I would like to let you ALL know, at my res, there is a community parkour I made for every one to use, im having problems with the water slide (the water keeps freezing) and I would like to thank johnkid for helping me make my new shop! i want your
    art donations for my art wall, ill put you user name under your art so you all knoe who donated it! there is also bumper cars for 2 people at a time and boat races! so thank you all for reading this! and im sorry for accidently posting invalid auctions, i didnt know it have to be a dc!
  2. reply if you think this is enouph info, if not pls say so!
  3. If your water keeps freezing its because of the biome. You can change your res biome for 5k tokens, or a cheaper option would be to put torches or glowstone at all the water source blocks.
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  4. If the water keeps freezing then you should consider changing your residence biome. A biome is basically an area type you're in. If the area is cold then water can freeze and your grass looks plain. If it's warmer then ice melts, water stays water and your grass will look greener.

    The command you'd need is: /res changebiome. It'll cost you 5k tokens in an SMP, 10k tokens on Utopia.

    And here is an overview of all the biomes: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Biomes

    If you're just looking for a regular area then I'd recommend using either 'Plains', 'Forest' or maybe even 'Jungle' (gets you extra greenish grass).
  5. thanks for the advice, i dont have 5k tokens yet so until then ill use glowstone!
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