About bonus chests

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  1. Is it still illegal to sell them?
  2. Yes, because it would be a troll if I buy one from you for 500r and get a diamond supporter voucher or something 1000 times more valuable.
  3. What are bonus chests?
  4. They are still illegal to sell.
  5. Cheers guys.
  6. The problem is that there are tricks which allow you to determine what is in them. So it's not so much about buying much more valuable stuff but the risk of players tricking others to buy one while they know it's pretty much useless.

    These chests are best used (opened) or stored in a collection. Or given away of course.
  7. I really wish that we could trade them if it's made super clear that you are selling the chest itself and none of its contents. Oh well.
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  8. I need one of these to complete my promo collection. I doubt i am ever gonna complete my collection =P
    We should be allowed to sell
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  9. I'd like this too, but there is still the potential for some to scam if it was allowed... It'd be nice, wish there was an easy way of allowing it >_>
    If you visit me on SMP9 right now then I have a few spare ones that I'm doing nothing with so you can have one if you'd like :)
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  10. I wish that they could be sold but before being sold to any player, said player should understand the risks being taken
  11. Selling the Bonus Chest for the container and not the items looks good on paper, but it's actually really impractical and wouldn't work at all. Players would be saying "I'm buying for the chest only" but they really wouldn't be. In the back of their mind they'd want something good. There's no way to guarantee someone would be buying the chest for just the container.

    Even if players agree to the risks of selling, it doesn't prevent scamming, and scamming is very, very easy for Bonus Chests. There are ways to tell exactly what's in a bonus chest before they're opened. Again, things like "I'm pretty sure this contains a diamond voucher" when it really contains obsidian are great reasons why they shouldn't be sold.
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  12. Exactly, well said.