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Would you buy 1 DC or more of logs with bid starting at 9k?

No, I wouldn't. 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Oak 2 vote(s) 50.0%
Dark oak 2 vote(s) 50.0%
Spruce 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Birch 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Jungle 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Acacia 3 vote(s) 75.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Can i auction 2 items at the same time (same thread)?
    So who wants to buy make a post like this
    Of course people could bid for both and out the 2 offers above:
    And if someone bid the pink wool for 2,5k, and no one bid again for 2 hours, pink is out. But red stills in auction.

    As we can't open more than 1 auction thread this would be really useful, also seems to be pretty simple (and it is) and there is nothing in the rules about it, so.. waiting feedback from the players, or better yet, the moderators.
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  2. You can auction them both together and have the buyer bid on both of the items together, but they can't bid on separate items in the same auction.
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  3. This format that you suggested would cause confusion within auctions between players. If a player wants to auction off two double chest "first dc being "bones" and second dc being "spider eyes'" then they can just one starting bid for those two dc worth of items.
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  4. I liked the post for the obvious reason that its always better to ask before just trying.

    Note: I base my comment on the info I found in Krysyy's post here.
    Yes, you can combine items like that. If I quote Krysyy regarding the auctioning of wool then the following applies to Wool, Stained clay, Stained glass, Stained glass panes, Carpet and Flowers:
    I marked the section which matter most here.

    So the way I see it you can easily auction off 2DC's of pink and red wool (both items eventually add up to a double chest of wool). However; you need to treat this as one single auction. So people don't bid on each separate product but on the whole collection.

    One auction, mixed amounts of wool.
  5. That's what the line "Please check the thread to see if the item was already sold" is for. Of course it would be highlighted in the top of the thread, really big. Or better yet, it could be added in the rules with proper formalities, with an specific [TAG] to make it even more clear to bidders.

    I was already aware that all items in the auction should be considered 1 single auction, but waiting 3, 4 or 5 days (if the auction is very active) until you can sell more stuff is kinda.. Also, the chances one would want to pay for 2 DCs of completely different items (like bones and spider eyes) are very unlikely, lowering the chances to get an good price over it.
    Or at least if there was a way to warn beforehand that certain item was already sold, in the title or main post. Well..
    From what i see, there are several ways this could work properly, but it doesn't depends on me, of course.
  6. That's chance you got to take while hosting auctions you might have wait a day or three. Their is one option in place where you can run two auctions at the same time that being a supporter you have access to Supporter Auctions which you can host auctions there and Community auctions at the same time. Just trust me that your idea is creative but ultimately would cause confusion with players.
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  7. Dwight5273
    And the confusion/trouble couldn't be handled by the auctioneer himself?
    Anyway, after clearly explaining everything in the first line of the main post, the worse thing that could happen is someone bid "1k" without specify which one of the 2 items he is bidding to. There are several more complex situations that were confusing at first but people just got used to it, and rules were added to make things official; now it is all merged in common daily situations. I think this is a good idea in every way.
    Even tho some people don't agree with this idea, there is nothing against it in the rules. Therefore, can I make an trial thread to see how this situation goes? Or i'll be reprehended doing so?
    Oh, just to be clear, i'm not talking about dozens of auctions in 1 thread, i'm talking about 2 MAX, as the example i gave at the main post.
  8. You are essentially bypassing a rule with this. Any attempt to bypass a rule is NOT ALLOWED. You have your answer.
  9. First rule
    • You may hold a maximum of 1 auction at a time in the Community Auctions section.
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  10. Can you just trust me not as Emc staff but as a player who's been here for 3 years and has seen how havoc Auctions can be and why staff implemented certain guidelines and restrictions to them.So members can remember a time when Auctions didn't have bump restrictions to 3 hours and were spamming the forums to the point that no other thread were being displayed on Active threads on the front page.

    The Auction would be close because it would be invalid because you can't run two auctions in one Auction thread and would you be reprehended no. We would tell this type of auction isn't allowed on Emc.

    In the Auction rules
    First rule
    • You may hold a maximum of 1 auction at a time in the Community Auctions section.
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