Ability to repair Starter Gear

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  1. This just came to me now. Currently, when you try to repair starter armor in the Anvil it does not work. I think that there should be special villagers at the /shop that you trade with. You insert your Starter Item, and you insert 10 ingots. It will repair any damage to it and keep the special name. The price remains the same whether is is 1% damaged or 99.99% damaged.
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  2. I think by the time the armour/tools get destroyed, the player should honestly be able to afford some Iron/Diamond stuff anyway. Remember, it is Starter Gear, not Use-All-The-Time Gear
  3. would be useful for collectors, but not for normal, new players
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  4. Good idea, however I think it should more like insert the item and pay some rupees for it to get repaired. :3
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  5. But that's rupees that could be spent on more/better gear.
    It helps to encourage members to upgrade into better tools/armour so they know that they can.
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  6. It is their choice isn't it? :p
    I just think that yes this could be a possibility, and yes they could get better tools and armor. But that's what the community's for, to help each other :)
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  7. I went on a mining trip with a friend of mine who had just joined, by the time he got 1/4 stack iron, his pick was 1/2 broken. I like this idea.
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  8. Seems like a good idea.
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  9. Whenever you play minecraft, you WANT to get diamond everything. Players are still highly encouraged to get diamond gear. Plus, this has a .000000001% chance of helping the iron economy.
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  10. Make 'em trade iron for a chestplate repair.
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