Abandon stuff in the wild

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  1. I was walking in the wild killing monsters and I found some furnaces and a chest.It apeared to be an abandon mine that player once used. there where no lock signs and it seemed abandon considering how far out it was. Is it against the rules to take this stuff?
  2. Well, it is considered griefing, so yes.
  3. So taking items from the chest is considered griefing. Well I have to tell my friend which is a noob to emc. He didn;t know and the chest thing reminded me of his question.
  4. You are welcome to use the existing furnace, but provide your own materials. The idea is to follow Leave No Trace. Leave it the Same or better than how you found it
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  5. It is classed as griefing to take items from a chest, and if you're caught, you could be banned.
  6. Well unless it was from a dungeon, mine shaft, or stronghold that contains items that are obviously no ones.
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