AAAARGH! It be Flag Day Mateys!

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  1. To celebrate, pick up a Jolly Roger (Pirate Flag) at the Empire Flag Shop!
    This was the most requested flag by the community so what better day to give it to you?

    Thanks to ItsMeMatheus for being Awesome once again.
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  2. arrrr!
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  3. I love 'em! Nice work, staff. =)
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  4. What... I need to re-read this...
  5. Hopefully more flags that aren't countries come to the shop...
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  6. Wow this is awesome! I love how EMC suddenly surprises you with things you don't expect (well for me atleast.)
    I thought the flag shop was only for Country Flags, turns out I was wrong :D
  7. Nice! My head explodes everytime i see Mathues work ;)
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  8. Arr! You should add them to pvp blue
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  9. Finally!!!

    Will the home country of Minecraft be next?
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  10. arrr, good job matheus!
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  11. Shiver me timbers, this be an awesome addition!

    Arrrr, Thank ye!
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  12. This will go great on my... Everything.
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  13. Is it a special pirate day or something?
  14. Why is there not an EMC flag?
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  15. Nice new flag! :D
  16. Thanks for the flag