A year of being an Empirarian

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  1. It all started on March 30th, 2012.

    Discovery of an Empire

    It was a couple of months after my 2nd anniversary of playing Minecraft. mba2012 and hippie125 told me of a server that was amazing. I was hesitant at first because two of my favorite servers had gone quiet. But I eventually joined. I passed the tutorial and then was immediately amazed with my friend's creations. I wanted to do that. I claimed a res and began to farm. mba and hippie125 taught me almost everything I know about EMC, from the shop to the wild. I started selling things from my farm and getting a decent income. I made a house and a farm and helped my friends with their creations. It was pretty good.

    LLO age and the founding of a company.

    It must've been May by the time I was told about the LLO. mba guided me out to the LLO. I was dumfounded by the fact that this huge community was here and it wasn't incinerated by griefers. By about this time mba and I had huge plans for a company. We wanted to do soo much with it. This company became known as Miner Co. We built an office in the LLO and mba built a shop on his res. I was building the Miner Vault on mine. The Miner vault was basically a subscription vault / storage service.

    At this time I was also getting well known in the LLO. Those drunk parties with Zulu and Dwight were fun. mba hosted parties in town hall, and the LLO became well known for its constant lightning. And then something truly spectacular happened. mba got sick and had to postpone production of the LLO bar. The community helped build it and we all made potions of healing to wish him a fast recovery. I started to really like the LLO.

    A side quest!

    my friend spike4451 joined and he claimed a res. he wanted to build a shop and wanted me to help. He got gold supporter and claimed a second res. That whole res was used to farm wheat. We instantly had a metric ton of wheat. We sold it to a shop and got quite a bit of money. But then spike had to leave. RL was taking over. It was fun while it lasted, even though we never launched the shop :p

    The death of an outpost

    I was finishing my homework one day when mba started furiously skyping me. He said that half the LLO was burned. I instantly jumped on and was horrified. Here is a list of some of the burnt buildings:

    LLO Bar
    zulu9's birch house (i have many memories of that house.)
    My house
    Any last remains of the Miner Co headquarters
    Many other buildings.

    I was heartbroken. All that I had worked hard for was gone. I left and wasn't seen for a couple of weeks. mba and I relocated to yeti village after the incident. Our house's hole is still there. More about that later. Many people tried to rebuild, but a lot of folks left that day. The LLO became quiet. Many projects were planned for the revival of the outpost, like the LLOlymics, but it remained quiet. After I moved houses, I left for good, only coming on sometimes.

    A new hope

    mba started telling me about a new outpost, what became the sunstreak islands. I honestly did not have much to do with this, but I helped build it. I started to get involved in other projects, like nfell’s server (I am NOT server advertising here). I was losing inspiration. I decided to do something.
    And that leads us to today. I have many people to thank, but here is a few:

    Justinguy and IceCreamCow - Two of the best people out there
    mba2012, hippie125, MinMiner and becsim1 - for teaching me everything I know about the empire
    mba2012 and spike4451 - for being there and getting me involved.
    zulu9 - for creating such a friendly place.
    The LLOians - for being a great community
    creepincreepers7 - for the smp8 far out camp
    bobalek - for the LLOIA
    penfoldex - for the Afterglow team
    Jackbiggin - *Redacted, I am not allowed to announce this just yet*
    and to the EMC community. You guys are the best!

    Kind regards,
  2. Hey cool, I got quoted in this!
    Happy one year on EMC!
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  3. Congrats on 1 year on EMC I hope I get to know you more through Afterglow.
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  4. See this is what happens when you go to the hinterland at Easter time, I'm not the first to like that post and to reply to the thread. Also this reminds me, I need to bump my thread. :p

    BTW Congrats on 1 year on EMC :D
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  5. Haha! Yeah, I remember those times. We did this potion thing for sick members a lot to cheer them up.
    Or leave presents at their houses.
    We have to be a bit more careful now at the LLO but:

    I think the LLOlympics were a success and there have been new meetings lately. Also it was always part of the plan that if (or better when) we get griefed we move on. So projects like the yeti village or the expansion to the west are natural. We build, they grief. We try to repair, they grief more. We move on. As long as we try to stay together against them and welcome new members LLO alsways have the potential to be reborn. With the griefed artifacts of the past for the new ones to explore and learn from :)

    So happy EMC birthday and know you are always welcome at the LLO :)[/quote]
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  6. [/quote]
    I could not have said thqat better. I wasn't ble to come to th LLOlympics because my ISP decided they didn't like me. Good to hear that it went down well :)