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  1. Hey guys. For some reason I can't seem to get the world download mod to work. So I was wondering if anyone could download my third res and upload it somewhere as a schematic for me. I'll even pay some rupees if it's not against any of the rules.
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  2. This is definitely not against the rules, but Modloader was discontinued (To my knowledge), so World Downloader doesn't exactly work any more. Your best bet is to contact an admin about this.
  3. i used it like last week and it works fine
  4. they have world downloader for lite loader. i just cant get it to work right
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  6. Risugami stopped making Minecraft mods? That guy's been doing that stuff since before I even knew what Minecraft was way back in 2010 D:
  7. No i don't think he / she stopped, its just that forge and modloader merged at some point.
  8. First: WorldDownloader is still a thing. The keyword here is that you'd need the (developer) snapshots (also the LiteLoader snapshot) because 1.8 is still not fully / officially supported. (this could be a good read).

    If you're still looking for someone to help you out then you just found someone. I already promised a friend of mine that I would help him download his residence, and if I'm busy anyway....

    Paying me rupees for this is indeed against the rules; namely my rules ;) Sorry about that :D

    Dunno about schematics (have to check) but basically what you'll end up with is a singleplayer savefile which you can load and which will contain your residence and probably a small part of the surroundings. I always configure it so that you'll start out with creative and may need to set difficulty to peaceful to remove mobs.

    Warning: if your build contains flammable things then you'll have to fix that yourself ;) When you download my res. for example and go out to explore you'll soon end up with a burned down ruin. It's doable to prevent those events, but that takes way too much time for me, esp. on a build I don't know. So if something is going to cook then I'll simply give you the save file as-is (prior to the event, I always make backup copies) and you'll have to do all the running / tp'ing / fixing yourself.
  9. Just do /gamerule doFireTick false as soon as you enter the singleplayer world. :)
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  10. Now I need to build myself a new copy protection scheme, grrr ;)
  11. If your up for it i wouldnt mind it one bit. The fire issue wouldnt be a problem for me. I just want to use that res design as a spawn area for my private buildcraft server.
  12. oh and i can work with just having a world download also.
  13. Consider it done, I'll probably work this out this evening (local time, in a few hours). I'll send you the link and such in a PM.
  14. Ok Thank you ShelLuser