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  1. Honestly, infighting kills servers.. Especially when they become large like this. EMC is the size of a small city, with a "population" of over 40,000 people now. Fighting vehemently over the removal of monster spawner because people make them in grinders, not mentioning the mob error in bukkit and the mob caps. Also the tooth and claw fighting over resetting the wild to have an ore block closer to the spawn when it only spawns in a singular biome, not to mention pyramids. My old server was killed partially because of infighting and I have watched as people have slowly left and everything.. If we continue to argue about every little thing EMC might not last, sadly..
  2. Indeed, words of wisdom.
  3. I wish this would go on the front page (8)uuu(8)
  4. It would be nice...
  5. true. I am optimistic mainly because of the great record of our major (justin) and the mods doing a great job with adding new servers and managing the updates mojang and bukkit throw at them. not to mention the day to day work responding to /reports or fixing network issues.
    That said I think the debate about wild resets are important. Sadly the tone of the debate often does not match the importance level.
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  6. Oh god here it comes... I tried hard to not do this but I have to!!!

    It all began when justinguy... Or was it icecreamcow(?).... Somebody did it. They tried as hard as they could to please the community. They reset the wild, disabled spawners, and even put it on peaceful for the weekends. People didn't like this. The people who drove the economy. Some of them left, taking their power with them. They pulled with them strings to friends who left too. All that was left was the back-seat driver in the EMC car. They tried to drive the economy back, but they crashed more than ever. New players stopped joining due to the botched economy, and the overwhelmingly easy survival in the wild. More supporters left naturally, or because of the collapse, and emc starts to lose funding. Justin and ICC start to dip further and further into their own pockets, not only donating time but money, slowly sinking into the pits of inevitable defeat. Somebody hacks a server in the weakness. Justin and ICC have to take down some servers. Nobody on those servers like this. Some stay and rebuild, but most leave. Others near those servers start to pack up, thinking, knowing that they will be next. Their nightmares come true. One by one each server falls. It's down to smp1. A handful of survivors remain.
    (outcome A): Justin and ICC pull the plug. The car goes off a bridge. No survivors. They just joined the vast graveyard of servers. Emc has gone.
    (outcome B-1): Justin and ICC salvage the parts from te other servers to improve smp1. They manage to convince people to stay, but just barely. They are still back for now, and have declared martial law and supreme control. Moderators can do whatever is necessary to keep emc alive, and the staff doesn't new to listen to the citizens anymore. They slowly rebuild, never being the same again.
    (outcome B-2): the staff slowly but steadily works on smp1, making improvements. They re-open smp2, and give out a free 1-month iron supporter status for the smp2 residents. This draws back some, but not all. By the launch of smp3 the population is only 12% of what it was when smp3 originally opened. There are entire derelict streets, and people learn to stay together. The community gets stronger, and more people join the family of emc.
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  7. I personally like this but only because I will label it in my brain under "EMC - Fallout" fanfiction.
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  8. trufax.png
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  9. Haha I know right, it's sounds like plot from Fallout series..
    Where's "Master" lol anyways good speech both of you two. My hat off to you
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  10. Full of good cheer :D - A bit too close to reality (eg. the Euro) for comfort :eek:
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  11. Good thing te powerhouse of Britain didn't join eh? They really dodged an out of control bandwagon :D
  12. I'm not even going to comment on Europe.
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  13. Don't worry, I think emc will last longer than any country. America? Doing bad. Europe? Doing bad. South America? Doing bad. Africa? Well that's a who new level of bad. Asia? Actually not that bad, but then the communism comes in... Except Japan, they actually are doing well. Australia is fine, but Antarctica... They are just some temporary scientists with no economy and peace. They have the best place in the world!
  14. There are a lot of people who would disagree with a few of the things you said right there.
  15. ^ yea what he said Texas economy doing pretty well right now