A word of warning...

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  1. This only really applies to people in the UK (England, Wales, and Scotland, but not the republic of ireland). Be careful on the roads etc. this week, because incase you haven't heard, we're supposed to get alot of snow this week.
    Today was freezing, and temperatures are expected to continue to drop. On Monday we're expected to have several centimeters of snow.

    In my area, the road is beginning to ice over. So be careful. Just looking out for you all so you know what to expect :p
  2. We have a couple decimeters where I am...:p
  3. Meanwhile, in Western Australia - where I am - I have to look out for these this summer. :p

  4. I cant wait! :p 80% Chance for me on Sunday -> Monday. Even school are worried by sending loads of emails, letters and text's warning about snow xD
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  5. I have a freaking exam on monday - If that's cancelled I won't be able to take it until June - Meaning I'll have to take 3 instead of 2 :mad:
  6. We all need guys like this to keep us prepared:

  7. Oh God IcC, I hurt my leg from falling off my chair from laughter.
  8. They are worried that you might not be around to pay the fees.
  9. It's 70 degress Farenheit, North Carolina. Yush.
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  10. Same here, I'm in North Carolina. It's 65 here, I want snow ;-;
  11. That St Johns guy is freaking out over nothing, we get the brunt of the storm.
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  12. So do I :( Luckily for me if I miss them I get to take them a few days or weeks after.
  13. Mines on Chemistry C1, What about yours?
  14. I'm doing that this year too :) But its like in June. I've done my B1 and also doing my P1 this year
  15. I'm doing Chemistry C1 - C2 and C3 this year, C2 and C3 in June and then I'm doing Biology and Chemistry next year.
  16. Drama, Art (claywork, which takes weeks -_-) and IT. They take a few lessons to complete, but aren't major ones - they choose whether or not I should stay in the class i'm already in.
  17. I dropped Art and Drama as soon as I could, My school refuse to put me in for anything other than a Functional skills IT, Which I'm have a good old dispute about.
  18. It is 70 degrees were I am.
  19. 4 degrees where I am.
  20. 1 degree where I am :confused:
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