A Wolf's Tale

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  1. Hi EMC! Inspired by watching a TV program about Wolves, I decided to write something Wolf related. This story is written from a Wolf's point of view. As crazy as it sounds, I'm experienced with writing from a Wolf's point of view. I have an app on my iPod where you can write with others, and I happen to be a good Wolf-related story writer. Anyway, this will get updated now and again by chapters, until the last one, of course, have no idea how long this story will last, I'm literally going to make it up as I go, I'm used to doing that, haha. Anyway, enjoy reading!

    You might say it's hard to imagine a world from around half the size of the human size, but in reality, it's not too hard. What is hard to imagine is how hard my life is. From the moment I was born to the moment I will die. But for now, I want you to just imagine being born, and the first thing you see when you wake up is the darkness of the frosty night. All you can see is the endless void of black, and a few faint sketches of trees around you. Just think how you would feel if you realized your family had deserted you and left you to perish. Well as horrid as it sounds, that is what happened to me, and now I'll tell you what happened and how my life got better... And worse.

    I weakly attempted to stand on my petrified legs, I stumbled over since I had not been taught anything, how to stand, walk, run or hunt, least of all survive. The wretched, screaming breezes pushed against me as I lay on the muddy forest floor, completely helpless. Would my life end in such an uneventful, painful, deserted way? It seemed to short to be true. I was right. In the distance, a large figure sneaked towards me. My eyes were blazing in my pain, and I let out a high pitched, quiet growl. The figure became clearer as it stumbled towards me. It's yellow glowing eyes stared into mine, and it spoke softly.
    "Such a young one, left to die? Must of though yer too weak, kid. And to me eyes, seems to be true. But I can't leave yer 'ere." It was a male, adult, strong Wolf. He paced around, searching for any dangers.
    "Can yer stand? Walk? At least talk?" He groaned. I just wriggled around weakly, proving I could not do anything.
    "Agh, a new born eh? Let yerself loose, I'll drag yer to a nice warm place of safety." Then, he softly wrapped his jaws around my body, and carried me deeper into the unknown.
    My parents were strolling towards me in elegance. The world seemed like a better place now. There was a scorching sun light and waving trees in the gentle breeze. But seconds later, I was in a dark, lonely forest. The male Wolf who saved me was sleeping near to me. Then I realized I had just been dreaming. The Wolf had brown fur with a white undercoat. It was scruffy and clearly not cared for. He made a soft sound as he slept. Moments later, I realized this was not where I belonged. Despite the fact I belonged no where and to no one, here was not where I was supposed to be. So, at the dead of night, I tried to train myself to stand, walk, talk and scavenge. It isn't as easy as it sounds. I started to lift my legs and balance on all fours. Unsurprisingly, I tumbled over. I repeatedly tried until I could balance for about 10 minutes without toppling to the ground. Then, it was time to learn to move. This seemed impossible, I didn't know where to move my feet or anything. Carefully, I lifted one of my light paws off the boggy ground. Then I landed it in front of it's original spot. I stumbled slightly, but kept upright. I kept up the routine and got about a meter away. Then I heard the male growl.

    "Where do yer think yer goin'?" He sneaked closer and slowly opened his huge mouth. But he snapped it shut in the air when he sniffed around. He started to cautiously pace around the area. I stared at him in confusion. He seemed to see something in the corner of his eye and rushed off, leaving me alone. After seeing him and how he walked and ran, I copied. Although, I still wasn't very fast. I tried to escape the cut in the forest where I just was. But before I could, I felt a jaw grip my back.
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  5. Just going to give you a pointer;
    • The words 'wolf' and 'wolves' aren't capitalized. They are not names.
    And another thing that bugged me is you writing 'he wrapped his jaws around my body'. If a wolf had a big enough jaw to do this, it would hurt the pup. Adult wolves grab pups by the soft spot on their neck.
    Sorry to be so critical, I just couldn't resist >.>
    I did enjoy reading this though :p
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  6. Thanks for that heads up, I'll change that while I write chapter 3 later :p
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