A wild Saga appears!

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  1. Hello there!

    The name is Saga and i am your friendly gaming Spanish cat o:
    I guess that makes me a...Minecat?

    Anymeows, i have been playing Minecraft since the old 0.1.4b, a couple patches before the rain was implemented, but my knowledge and skill at mining&crafting are those of a neowvice because i am a silly butt who refuses to read patchnotes and wikias.

    This is the first time i join such a big and organized server so i am all confuzzled up, my head spinning over how much new information and guidelines the tutorial feeded me with.

    I am friendly, generally jolly and always happy to make meow friends.
    Well, that is all for neow, so see you ingame >w<
  2. Welcome, saga :)
    I hope you will enjoy EMC!
    If you need help, just ask people, the community here is amazing :D
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  3. Welcome to the server Meow :)

    Just a word of advice: be careful around NamiMay, considering your name I wouldn't be surprised at all if she starts throwing a pokeball or two your way ;) Not that those will do anything here, its not as if you can 'eggify' players (you can put mobs back in their egg by right clicking 'm with a stick) but yah; a warned meow is worth more than... or something like that :)

    Anyway, nice to see you onboard. Now to figure out which server you landed on and I hope you're going to have a great time here :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire Saga. Enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Thank you everyone for your warm welcomeow!
    It is a pleasure to be here >w<
  6. Welcome to EMC .;)
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. Thank you all, kindly >w<
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  9. Welcome Saga to the Empire :D hope you enjoy it here like rest of us.
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. welcome love the name and the sig lol
  12. Sorry I had to do that...
  13. This is the best thing ever <3
    Made me smile soooo much >w<

    I hope you do not mind if i use it in the future!
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  14. No problem! XD I'm actually happy that you liked it!
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  15. I don't think you need the "Hope you like it here" messages. :) You already fit in! That hyped attitude will get you places you could never go if you were some boring person. Have fun!
  16. Welcome SagaTheMeow! I just joined EMC myself about 3 weeks now & I'm still really enjoying it...I'm sure u will too. :)
  17. EMC is not only a Minecraft server for me. Not only a community. It's like a family, full of friends, adventures, and LOTS of things to laugh and cry about.
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  18. So far, i am having a lovely time >w<
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