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  1. hey guys i'm looking to get about 5 to and create a small wild community were you set up shops and instead of rupees you trade!. please if you want to join please pm me i have questions :)
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  2. 1 member in 4 more spots open
  3. btw my derp its on smp3
  4. BUMP plz join 4 spots left
  5. if you would like you could come on over and live in my town ;p plenty of space and some nice big changes coming soon. and would be nice to have some active help there. or i got a friend that owns a semi new town that they are trying to get up and ready
  6. i might come check it out later
  7. bump come on i want 4 more people to join
  8. plz join bump
  9. I'll join it sounds cool :)
  10. I'd like to join, could you invite me to a PM and tell me the server, coords, etc.?
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  11. Hmm smp3, if there is a quick to get to the place I'll join o3o
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  12. ok if you both join thats our community!
  13. did u mean me too?
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  14. ya along with awesomemath and jay2a
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  15. thx :)
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  16. if ya log on i can show ya
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  17. I'll log on later i got work v soon soz :(
  18. anyone else wana join? i can open up a few more spots