A TF2 hat giveaway!

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  1. To celebrate me getting a job, I've decided to give away two TF2 hats. These hats are:

    The Pirate Bandanna for the Demoman
    Dat booty tho

    And the Soldered Sensei for the Sniper, which is one of the robot themed hats.

    Two winners will be picked, one for the Demo hat and one for the Sniper hat. You can only win won so if your number gets picked twice it will be rerolled.

    Please pick a number!

    2. Pavi259
    3. Mman2832
    4. Treasurelle
    5. Sparertoaster
    6. Dj_Krazy
    7. Generalfelino015
    8. AliceF3
    9. Supah_Danny

    Also put your Steam name in your post. The winner will be picked sometime tomorrow, which is when these hats become tradable.
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  2. And due to my great luck at opening crates, there is now a third hat because I got a hat I already have..

    The Das Gutenkutteharen for the Medic!
  3. 6, Same as here...
  4. 7, feliamarelu is steam name.
  5. 4. Treasurelle
  6. 3 please
  7. 2 please Name: Tomatoless Potato
  8. Oh and my name is mman2832
  9. 9 please and Um its DannyTheBawse or iPlayStrong I forget >:p
  10. 5, username is T-800 Toastinator.
  11. I need a confirmed name, sorry. :/
  12. 8 please, same as here
  13. iPlayStrong, yeah it's iPlayStrong 100% :D
  14. Only two more slots open!
  15. As I start my first shift soon, time to do the giveaway!

    The Pirate Bandanna goes to Mman2832!

    The Soldered Sensei goes to Generalfelino015!

    The Das Gutenkutteharen goes to Dj_Krazy!

    I will be adding you guys for trading them to you after work. You can also add me on Steam. My name is Dr. Dance-Dance Revolution.
  16. its actually mman2832 not nman
  17. Sorry to say Generalfelino015, but you aren't able to be traded with, so I had to do a reroll. :/

    The new winner is Supah_Danny!