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Its good?

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  1. Hello Emc. I like making cool and Big Stories.
    So I will wright one here and share it with you all.
    Tell me what you think. I might then wright a story in a book & Quil and it will be
    available for purchase!

    One day on a warm Summer day a new player entered a large outpost after traveling for ages and ages. It was in the dessert and his donkey had died when shot when he had gotten attacked. He was able to kill them off but only to lose a part of his sword. He looked at it and groaned. He had some meat left over and his torn clothes where getting pretty used. He knocked on the giant metal bars that had blood on it in some places.
    "Hello?" He asked.
    Nobody replied. So he shrugged and pushed open the gates. When he stepped inside a dagger flew at him and pinned him to a near wall though part of his shirt. He stared at the Villagers. They stared at him. "Who are YOU?" the villager with the brown beard and shiny blue eyes asked. "I.. I am Zach..." He replied. The rest of the villagers. Just stared. Then they stared at each other and said, "You can stay in the building over there!" He pointed to a run down building with the glass shattered. "We will bring you water and food, Then you leave!" He ordered. Zach nodded and pulled the dagger out of his shirt and walked to the building.
    That night he woke up with a start, the door was open, he looked around. Then a villager with a long knife was looking right at him. Zach quickly grabbed his Sword and stuck it though his sholder before he could attack. He then kicked the villager in the face and cut off his head. He climbed out the window and headed out of the village.
    He heard a strange noise and turned around. His eyes grew wide, and...

    Part 2 will be wrote if I get some positive comments and maybe some Suggestions. :)

  2. Well that escalated quickly.
    Parts of it are run on but other than that its good.
  3. You did it wrong.
    Now THAT is better :cool:
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