A Smissmass giveaway!

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  1. I don't know I've been told, I'm a pretty unicorn! Oh, what? YOU MAGGOTS HEARD NOTHING! Now that I have made you sorry sacks of Smissmass cheer forget about my Unicorn fueled fantasies, Merry Smissmass! Or for you picky people, Merry Christmas! And for you even more picky people, Happy Holidays! Normally I would't be doing this, because unlike you sissified maggots, I should be out in Badwater, even if the entire team is made out OF ME, instead of sitting here with you fools drinking eggBONK! Back to the point, I have been told by Mr.Hale to do a giveaway. So for this giveaway, we'll be giving away a U-Clank-A, meaning all you non heavies in the room, please leave. This hat is made of pure red hot metal, well, it was, then it cooled down so now you can wear it, BUT THATS BESIDE THE POINT! The point is that this hat is hot, as you newfolk would say. So if you would want this hat, please sign up this form, AND THEN GET BACK TO KILLING THOSE DAMN BLUS WHO HAVE ALMOST PUSHED THE CART TO THE END!

    Item being given away: The U-Clank-A hat for the Heavy

    How to enter: Post on this forum saying a number and a Christmas greeting

    What you need to enter: A Steam account with TF2 installed.

    When numbers will be drawn: Sometime on Christmas day

    The numbers:

    1. BFTBG
    2. Redfire23
    4. SkyDragonv8
    5. Creeper3845
    6. Gadet_AD
    7. Boozle628
    9. Marine4121
    10. BrickStrike
    13. Nick5013
    14. Darksuperlord

    Number will be drawn regardless if there are still missing spots on Christmas.
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  2. 13 pl0x
    A christmas greeting
    Murray Christmas
  3. I realized that was a bad idea, I "updated the rules... ;p"
  4. 4 Merry Holidays!
  5. Bon noël.
    (En français. :cool:)
  6. Lucky 13 please
  7. 12 please :)
  8. 10 please.
    You've got to fight for your right to parrrty!!
    (oh and kill dem blues.)
  9. Fixed
  10. 14
    and Merry Christmahannukwanzukah
  11. Oh i need Tf2... hmm take me out of the draw i guess :p
  12. 1 please happy hannaquannachristmas!
  13. 5 please. Merry Christmas!
  14. Oh lol uh on phone right now so Ill redo mine: 10 please and Happy Holidays!
  15. 2 plz happy holidays
  16. 6 please.
    Merry Christmas! :)