A server question (purpose questions)

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  1. Why is chat limited in the frontier/wastelands?
    Why are the frontier/wastelands so isolated from a server's town? Like you have to travel to an outpost to return to a server's city?

    So yeah, just some questions behind the motive of some policies.
  2. Many people get away from town to have a survival feel. They enjoy hanging out with friends in the silence which is the wild.

    There used to be a global chat but that was too spammy.

    The wild/waste was made for pure survival.
  3. 1. Although I wasn't playing at the time, there used to be a global chat that used to be very spammy.
    2. Having a separate world of town and wilderness is easier to manage from a server owner point of view. The reason that you would need to return to the outpost is because if you want to get a lot of resources, you should invest both in the travel to the destination and the travel back to town to sell/use the materials if you don't want to use enderchests. Plus it would be overpowered if you could safely teleport to town when you are about to die from burning with your god enchanted armor, and stacks of diamond blocks. And as said by Sky, it would be more vanilla to have these risks and requirements.
  4. Ah, I think I kind of understand now, thanks!
  5. Although I don't quite understand the whole local chat thing for the frontier/wilderness. I mean couldn't there be a local option while keeping global chat for just the frontier/wilderness? Or is putting separate global chat for frontier and wilderness impossible/improbable?
  6. I am actually aiming to bring in a "Wild Chat" or so, that excludes Town. So that it opens up discussion even more while out in the Frontier/Wastelands.
  7. And as stated above, this is a "legit" survival server, meaning no easy teleportation. You have to carry the risk of transporting goods between locations.

    Though in the future we will have official "Empires" that will have a shortcut to go back to Town just as the current outpost, but Your still going to have that risk of going from your mining location back to the HQ too.
  8. I like that idea :D. Thanks for responding.