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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Kelan Hightower, I am twenty-nine years old, I am not married, and I have no children of my own. I was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. If I were meeting you in person, it would be typical to pronounce my name at least twice, therefore, I will clear that bit of social awkwardness up right now; the first syllable is pronounced “key”, the second syllable is pronounced “lan”, with the correct spelling being “Kelan”. Thanks for letting me clear that up, and before I say, “It’s nice to meet you”, I would like to introduce myself in Minecraft: “Ridgebeam, here. Checking In.”

    My passion and drive in life right now revolves around finishing my degree and becoming a certified teacher. I have been navigating that course of my life consistently the last four or five semesters, although it seems like eons.

    I am employed full time as a Paraprofessional at a local elementary school. This will be my sixth “start of the school year”. I work in a program for students with autism. After the first year working with students I knew this was a drive and passion to pursue as my lifelong career.​

    A brief summary of my childhood could be summarized in one word: Soccer! I played seventeen years of it and at the highest levels I could (at the time). I still play from time-to-time, but just for fun, not competitively. Directly after high school I started to study and practice martial arts. Southern Chinese kung fu to be more exact, “Hung Gar” is the name of the kung fu system I have been studying for the past eight years consecutively – although the last two years I have been very inactive “physically” – I live and breathe the fiery-passion for Chinese Martial Arts. Please feel free to ask me to elaborate or give more specific details about kung fu, I love to talk about martial arts.

    All this to tell you in a short paragraph that Minecraft has been not only on outlet for me to enjoy, but also for students with whom I work with five days a week. Myself and colleagues have have been able to implement a Minecraft server in the classroom with which we serve. We have observed dramatic positive-results both behaviorally and academically – within a Minecraft setting, about a Minecraft setting, for a Minecraft setting. This leads me to say; I have never thought to play anything more than with my girlfriend and best friend on a small vanilla server with a resource pack. We have done so for the past year now. I would love to expand my horizons in Minecraft and join an ACTIVE community of survival players. I love the thought of a player based economy and the thought of role playing, mini-games, building a town, getting a job, and so on.​ I am looking for that active community feeling.

    It’s certainly nice to be able to at-least post a lengthy introduction after having just finished the tutorial. . I hope to meet some of you soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this “very long introduction”.

    - Ridgebeam.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Ridgebeam!

    You'll definitely enjoy it here, as our community is very active and we're not afraid to help.

    If you need some cheap basic materials, come to /v 18891 on SMP9. :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! If you need any help then feel free to ask us or use the wiki, I hope that you enjoy your time here! :D
  4. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! If you ever have any questions we don't bite! ;) I myself played soccer for a few years so I can relate to you on that one!
  6. First of all: Welcome to Empire Minecraft!

    That sounds interesting considering that teaching in itself tends to turn into a profession which not too many people care for these days, at least that is my impression on the matter. Even though, once again IMO, it can be a very rewarding experience indeed.

    Interesting, I see more examples of that; where you can somewhat fit Minecraft into a more education approach. Fun part is that I'm currently involved with a similar project (though, in all honestly, it does have a commercial background ;)).

    Yes, there is definitely such a feel for activities here, however, keep in mind that EMC tries to stay close to the vanilla gameplay. Ergo: it's more somewhat of a "vanilla+" server. Minecraft with an economic addition to it where the rupees (in-game currency) basically tie the whole thing together.

    But the thing is; although roleplay and survival play is definitely possible I must warn you that there are some limitations here and there. It's not an issue of "lets join a town, hmm, which shall I pick?" because that's not how it works here. Right now the whole approach is more "player centered" than "town" or "empire centered". We all have our own grief-proof 60x60 residence in town and from there on you can obviously interact with other players, check if someone needs a job done, but the survival part is a little bit more buried away.

    There are established outposts in the Frontier (non-resetting survival world), and some of those can be joined (see this forum for a brief overview) but there are also some limitations. Not everyone will be eager to allow a new(er) player to join because as of right now the Frontier is as vanilla as it gets, which means that there is no land claiming / protection so far. As such there are risks attached. Griefing is not allowed, those who do it will be caught, but that also means that a certain risk is always lurking over your shoulder.

    Of course one can argue that this is also a part of the game. Not always an enjoyable one, but a part nonetheless.

    Alas... mini-games are things you won't find here, not that much anyway. There are some events which happen often, firefloor, Friday night mining, etc, etc. But those are not mini-games in the sense which most people expect (skyblock comes to mind).

    Now, I understand that my explanation here could be picked up as a little negative but that's most certainly not the case nor the point. I'm trying to give you a clear impression as to what you could expect when looking at the expectations you mentioned earlier.

    Because I can say this: if you eventually get the feel for the Empire and its community then chances are high that you'll be hooked for a long time. I dare say that EMC is one of the most professional servers out there with a ditto staff team and it can provide for lots of fun and enjoyment. But it has its specifics which you might need to get used to.

    But having said that... It can most certainly deliver.

    Just this evening was I messing in a "mining build" which a friend and I made.. For the record: when I go mining I usually don't just hop into the mining world (wastelands), get my stuff and run out. I usually go in with some equipment, I set up a small outpost which can be self-sufficient (providing food for example) and from there on I'll start to explore my surroundings and dig things out.

    (or: sometimes I do stumble onto something good, then build an outpost in the area and ... see above).

    So this evening I was mining my own business when another friend came online (someone who has gained a lot of trust with me) and she wanted to join up. When she saw my small outpost the first question was: "Can I have the room below?" and now we play there with the three of us :p Survival at its finest (I still have some scarves from some nasty creepers ;)).

    So yah... It's most definitely possible, but it might be a little different than you imagined it.

    And with that... I wish you and your friends a lot of fun on the Empire.
  7. Welcome to EMC!
  8. Hi Kelan. Welcome to the Empire. What smp are you on? I'm on smp3 and if you need any help, just let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire!

    Awesome name.
    Kelan Hightower... rearrange it and you can almost get a highlan...something out of it :)...

    I think I shall pronounce that as 'ridgebeam' hehe.

    If you enjoyed two people in a game, having a community of like minded (mostly) players is awesome.
    Be sure to invite your significant other to play with you. Often two teaming up to have fun is better than one! Get a third in, and you can do group mining and killing (with /invite player) and when close enough, you gain tokens and haste or resistance pending on what you are doing.

    Anyhow, if you have any questions, ask away!

    See you down in them mines!
  10. Greetings FWRonald, I reside on SMP7 - and have the pure privilege to dwell next to: antimattermatt1 - my next door neighbor has an amazing build!

    And thanks to everyone for the warm greeting! Highlancer - i've always used my real named backwards as character names in Pen and Paper games: Nalek. I like what you did with the last name. :)