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  1. I am not the Olaf_C you one knew. I am not the man who stayed ignorant and stalked the forums posting cheesy jokes and acting sarcastically. I do no longer want to be Olaf_C. I am Owen, just Owen. While I was FORMERLY the Olaf_C you all knew and were friends with, don't look upon the past. The future is here. I am Owen, and I am new here. (EDIT) You can call me Olaf if you really want too :p

    A few weeks ago I was mad about a encounter with a staff, and went mad. I will not go into details but this is basically what happened; I was mad at a staff for false info and started saying rude things behind there backs. What I did was immature and childish, and I do not even know why I did it. I lost all my progress I made, lost all my friends, and the respect of many. The thing is, I am okay with that. I want to be a new person with a fresh slate. Recognize me as the same person you once new, but treat me with the respect of someone new. I am starting over, and I thank IcC for that.

    When I joined EMC, for about 100 days I was the most disrespectful and intolerable a-hole anyone has ever met. I did not know the rules, the commands, features, I respected no one, and thought poorly of the staff. In real life I was the opposite, but never took it to faith in the virtual world. It was about my 100th day, I was badmouthing a mod and got temp-banned. I made a rant and even though i deserved it, I was not banned. After that I decided to pull it together and become a respected member. I got involved with the forums, founded the good samaritan award, and became known as a friend to many, and one of the most charitable people on the server.

    Sadly, my real life situation (a combination of family issues and school) made me slowly start to get stressed out. I did not know whether I was more virtual or real. I got too wrapped up in things and became the person who got me banned. If a temp-ban can get me to the point where I was, I can only hope that a ban and (eventual) appeal will help me become a new man.

    I have promo's which are currently waiting to gain value (9 2012 fireworks. I traded my orebusters for them, which would have been traded with leftover money for the award). I plan to use them to start the Good Samaritan Award again, but I must wait until I can earn back my respect of the staff and community. I plan to work on the SMP3 mall i never finished, and later go back to diamond. I cannot afford diamond right now. If i could, i would also not be using this terrible alt name (no offense to anyone with Icecream____ in their name, it is a good alt but not a good main account name).

    The empire is the land of second chances, hopefully I belong here. I am not dead yet, empire.


    Staff, please note I am not evading my ban. I have written permission of IcecreamCow to use this account.
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  2. Wait. Do I make the appreciation thread of Olaf, you, or Owen? All 3?
  3. You are still making that thread? If so, Olaf. Since you were appreciating that person. Don't call me ICH. I go by Owen (middle name IRL).
  4. Well, I think I'll always know you as Olaf
    That will be hard to stop saying for me :oops:
  5. Happy? :p
  6. Long story short you couldn't stay away from Emc.
    Welcome to real life. It sucks sometimes and can interfere with how you react on this game or online.
    How come you think I am in a bad mood or have some rude ass remark or just completely ignore someone?
    Growing up is such. Welcome back Olaf
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  7. Thanks?

    Growing up is not fun. As a child, I always imagined the fun of freedoms like driving a car and day-dreamed of a home with a family, but you realize growing up is being unblinded and seeing a corrupt world of sadness and poverty, stress, ect. There are people on EMC who are my good friends and help me cope, and bring out my inner child. It is more of my friends i cannot ignore and stay away from, versus EMC.
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  8. Your friends are EMC
  9. Owen... sexy name ~_~
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  10. I'm afraid that's something you can keep to yourself :p

    Anyways, it's nice to see you're back. Don't let what people think get in the way
  11. I once had a friend named Owen, he went crazy and moved away..
  12. I am sorry to hear about that. How unfortunate.
  13. Lol It's fine, Is it bad that I kinda laughed to myself typing that?

  14. :) I know how you feel though.
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  15. *Remembers cleavage comment* :p
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  16. Which he deleted and apologized for. It most likely sounded better in his head. While he took it down and apologized, Dj has been overusing this joke for a while, and even though I asked him to stop, he continues. I agree with death on this matter.
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  17. I never said I didn't agree with him, I do 100%
  18. Welcome back, Olaf, or should I say, Owen! :D
    It is really hard to call you Owen, because Owen is my name, so it feels like I am talking to myself... :rolleyes:
  19. Welcome back, Olaf Owen c:
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  20. Oh. Just remember that, lol. You can call me Olaf if you want since you have the same name as me, lol.
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