A Recommendation for the shopchest system

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. When you type things like 'Dirt-Donation' into the shopchest sign and someone buys from that chest, could it show up in the rupee history they bought a Dirt-Donation instead of just Dirt?

  2. Well... I don't see it affecting anyone and their way of life so no. :)
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  3. I run a business which involves buying different kinds of lottery tickets at the same price, and I won't know who's bought what from my rupee history when I'm offline.
  4. Do different planks. Theyre cheap and theirs 4 types
  5. I have a LOT of different services being sold through these chests.
  6. Have different quantities. Lets say you have 3 games at 300r have one set up as buy a block of dirt for 300r, the next as buy 2 blocks for 300r and the third as buy 3 blocks for 300r. You will be able to see which games where bought in the rupee history.
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  7. Ah, changing the quantities of dirt bought! Genius, my good chum! Might cause a problem with my dirt stocking, but you've given me quite a comprehensive solution!
    That's pretty much this thread complete and solved, since you're a mod you wouldn't mind locking it, would you?