A Re-introduction.

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, or if anyone who I used to play with on here even still plays, but, Here I am.

    I've been offline for well over a year and a half, up until last Monday, I was entirely inactive except logging in once last summer. I used to be a diamond supporter, I was one of the original members of a Frontier City known as the Last Light Outpost, (Then the Frontier was known as just the wild, seeing as the Wastelands/Frontier weren't two separate worlds at that point). I was a club owner, shop owner, Pioneer, Intense Vacationer, Explorer, 'Goes-out-on-two-week-long-mining-trips' type of Empire Minecraftian.

    Then I dropped off the face of the planet for quite a while.

    So, here I am now. And I bring with me my girlfriend. (Who will be joining me out in what appears to be the abandoned Frontier City known as the Last Light Outpost.)

    I look forward to experiencing all the new things EMC has come to offer since my leave, and I look forward to being apart of the community once more, as I used to back in 'The Day'.

    I will be online for at least a few hours, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and at some point I will begin doing item auctions once more, I just need to read through the Auction Rules and make sure nothing important has changed or been added, so expect that to happen at some point in the future, as I have many valuable items that I plan to sell!

    I am glad to be back, and look forward to getting to know everyone...again!
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  2. Welcome back Spenser. You left before I even joined, but it good to see older members returning. Maybe I'll see you on line sometime. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  3. Never fear, there is still a dedicated group of LLO players. Check out the Wilderness Frontier Forum, smp7 Jungle outpost thread. It's just that LLO grew so huge that they are playing well beyond the borders you remember.

    Welcome back!
  4. I remember you! Welcome back!

    The LLO is certainly not abandoned, but it's probably very different to how you remember it being. We'd be very glad to welcome you back as a member! :D
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  5. Oh wow, Spenser! I definitely didn't see that one coming! I'm glad you're back with us, though!