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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Socks_n_monkeys, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. OK i no these messages r annoying but i was banned for freaking out and yelling ban hammer on my non corrupted character Ninjas_revenge so i would like an un-ban for Ninjas_revenge if it is ok with of course the server owner!
  2. Just Un-ban Ninjas_revenge
  3. This is probably one of the stupidest bad appeals ever.
  4. This will never get you un-banned first i don't think you can have a account to get on when the other one is banned,
    second you have to send this to a moderator , 3rd this is kind of rude to mod.
  5. This will really not help you.. Pm the mod who banned you.
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  6. Guessing that Ninjas_revenge wont be unbanned:

    Reason: Asked to be banned.
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  8. I have a question too - how many times is "PM the moderator who banned you" pasted into one false-ban-appeal-thread? ;)
  9. Over 9000...
  10. Also this kinda sounds like a threat.
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  11. PM mod who banned you, blah blah. Time to close thread.
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  12. Not enough. People dont get the message >.<
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  13. I think one on each is plentiful :cool:
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    1. crappiest ban appeal ever.
    2. [ insert bear here ]
    3. you cant just ask rudely on the forums. PM the mod who banned you or cry your eyes out when he ( or she ) says no. i. dont. care.
  14. Should this go in the emc world records book for, Worst ban appeal ever?
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  15. I've seen worse...
  16. PM the mod who banned you. This is the wrong way to appeal, as others have told you.
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