A Question For You All

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dreacon78, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Ok so I have been away from EMC for about 2 years due to work and a crappy schedule. Now that I am back I was trying to make a simple 5 block stone generator. I noticed that every so often the lava and water will not update correctly and end up ruining my generator. Is it my PC or is it a problem with server lag that is causing the issue? I am also not using the best internet yet as I am still house hunting and having to stay in a hotel.

    Any serious responses are welcome, as well as any serious advice.
  2. its a known issue due to how emc does not use vanilla ticks n stuff just reset the source blocks n youll be fine. theres a way to keep it from happening but youll have to ask like myeno or deathtomb about that
  3. Not sure what the problem is, It may very well be that it's an older design that doesn't work in newer versions of Minecraft. Maybe it's a weird EMC bug. I'd recommend switching designs. Sometimes it's just easier to completely rethink a generator.
    Hope this helps!
    Edit: Ya, what bitemenow15 said!
  4. ok cool thanks for the info guys.