A question for JustinGuy or ICC.

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  1. Why doesn't EMC have an Aether? I was just kind of wondering why. That is all! :)
  2. "Because that isn't vanilla" is what their response would probably be ;)
  3. Good
    Good point...
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  4. Whats an aether?
  5. Its a mod that adds a "heaven" type world.
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  7. BUT, it needs LOTS AND LOTS, of other mods for it to work...
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  8. yeah, and i think it would cause alot of extra lag to run it.
  9. Oh, ok.
  10. You just answered your own question.
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  11. If EMC had an Aether world...

    nobody without Aether would be able to join the server.
    and Aether is 1.0.0, so nobody would be able to use the server.
  12. That said, it'd be awesome. I mean we might have Dystopia... who says we can't have the Aether-type world?
  13. ok my theory on this is not ACTUALLY have the aether.
    instead get a custom world gen mod that runs off of bukkit. nobody needs a client-side mod. just make/find a mod that makes everything float! maybe like an ocean gen that has more islands, bigger islands, and no water or ground!
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  14. that's the kind of thing that i was talking about :)
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  15. False.

    You do not need everyone to have Aether installed for it to work server wide.

    Easy way to get it is just generate an Aether world, and copy it into a Normal World. Don't even need a mod for it.
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  16. False. You are not cake.
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  17. Doesn't the mod create different block typess/mob though? So you'd need a client mod... Of course, I could be wrong.
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  18. I have used this on a server I use to run, and it does not add new blocks or mobs.

    Could be different Aether mods though.
  19. Yes, because that will let the ambrosium, zanite, gravitite, swiftsoil, aether dirt, holystone, aether grass, Zephyr, Cockatrice, Moa, Mimic, Sun God, Flying Sheep/Pigs/Cows, Aether Portal, bronze dungeon brick, silver dungeon brick, gold dungeon brick, decorative bronze dungeon brick, decorative silver dungeon brick, decorative gold dungeon brick, Christmas present, Blueberry, Aechor Petal, Aechor, Skyroot/Golden Oak/Crystal Trees, cold aeroclouds and many, many, other items to be visible by players who have no data to reference these items. I'm sure you've used mods before, and I'm sure you've run into conflicts with loading worlds that contain entities that your MC client has no reference to. If a player tried to connect to an EMC server with ANY aether-related items, he/she would be unable to connect. If that same player downgraded to 1.0.0 and got Aether, he/she would STILL be unable to connect, because of missing data for blocks added post-1.0.0

    It can never work. Sorry.

    This is the MOD they are talking about.
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  20. BAM