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What's your console of choice?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2014.
Xbox 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Playstation 10 vote(s) 31.3%
Nintendo 11 vote(s) 34.4%
None of 'em! 7 vote(s) 21.9%
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  1. What's your console of choice, and why?
    Xbox, PlayStation, or the Nintendo consoles?
    I'd like to know.
    No flame war please ;)
    I personally prefer PC gaming, but my computer is garbage, so I play the games I cant run on PC on my PlayStation

    >Post down below your reason for liking that console :p <
  2. I liked playstation because I think playstation is more a gaming console and the xbox is trageting multimedia.
    I also liked the none of 'em cause I play the most games I have on pc.
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  3. I want to pc game but I have a bad laptop that can't play most games. I like the ps3 because of little big planet, uncharted, and the other cool stuff.
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  4. Playstation :D I grew up with it so yeah lol
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  5. I grew up with all 3 ;) i liked more Xbox exclusives than Playstation exclusives. Nintendo kind of lost my interest when i was 12 or so. Haven't gotten most of the new handhelds by them. Xbox in my opinion has better games, but not the greatest community (with CoD as an example). The Minecraft community is the best online community I've seen out of all the communities I've seen and enjoyed. PC beats all though >: D Mua ha ha
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  6. Up until the Wii I would say that Nintendo ruled all. I'm old enough that I owned an original Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, etc. Then I switched over and got Xbox and then Xbox 360.

    Personally I could never get used to how the Playstation controls are so I've never preferred them. Obviously though I appreciate the technological level of the Playstation as well as the fact that their multiplayer system is free. The big drawback for Xbox for me is the fact that Xbox Live cost money and at this point there aren't many single player games I like playing.

    So with all that being said, out of the options you gave, I'd pick Xbox still. Although the new WiiU is best for party games and Xbox for first-person shooters.
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  7. PC is master race. But if I were to choose, Xbox One as much as I hate to say it.
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  8. I have an SNES, an N64, a Game Cube, and a Wii.
    For handheld consoles, I have: A Gameboy Color, a DS, and a 3DS.
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  9. so you're voting Playstation then? lol
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  10. I would rather have an Xbox.

    Though, I don't have any console at all.
  11. I'm surprised there hasn't been any flame war. I guess I shouldn't be since there isn't a lot of 12 year old fan boys here. xD
  12. Nintendo for sure. It has a more unique collection of games, it has freaking super smash bros, it doesn't cost anything to use online, it gives you tons of rewards just for buying games THAT YOU WANTED TO BUY IN THE FIRST PLACE, and it's super user friendly. It also relies less heavily on very similar-highly graphic games to support itself.

    Battlefield, call of duty, halo, watch dogs, GTA, all of these (fun) titles are really what carry the Xbox/Playstation, whereas the Wii decides to move to more family-friendly and extremely fun games, such as mario kart, mario party, super smash bros, or even something like Wii Ski, Wii Sports, and stuff like that.

    Oh yeah, and Zelda. Instant +
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  13. You have no idea how many Zelda games I have.
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  14. Wii I is a great system and the new zelda looks amazing.
  15. i don't really have a preference for the console, it really depends on the games i like to play.
    though, i have a thing against microsoft... tried watching netflix last night and it took me an hour to get to that point because microsoft though my account "wasn't secure enough" ... sending me through 4 different emails because one wasn't good enough... long story short, i raged REALLY hard last night.
    i was saying bad words. bad megh. :( 'twas bad times. xD
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  16. I prefer PC gaming, but my favorite game system is the Atari because I just love all the old 8 bit games. Other than that, I would have to go with the GBA.
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  17. Then buy a new pc :( You gotte be prepared for GTA V and lots of other games coming to PC :D
    To be on topic, id take a PS if you rather buy a console instead of upgrading your desktop
    Why, because I've always had a PS and I always liked em :) Xbox is the console I like the least.
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  18. I prefer all systems because that's the easy choice in this kind of thread.
  19. Idk I've been in some eh "heated debates" at my school and I am a junior In High school so yeah and