A question about the voting system

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  1. Hello everyone

    I am asking about the day bonus in voting

    Is it counts every day I vote. And if I stopped voting for a day it will count again??

    or it counts the days you have in the server?? So if you in the server for one year you will get a 345 bonus ????
  2. You vote each day on the sites, you earn 100r/site on the first day. As your tally increases, your bonus increases.

    0r bonus on day 0
    100r bonus on day 1
    I think it's a 20r bonus each day after that, but can't really remember. I'll check in a bit, when I vote

    Note that the bonus is only once every 24 hours, not per site.

    However, the maximum that it goes up to is 700r/day if you vote on all sites.
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  3. His main question is about the tally streak.

    If you miss a single day, your tally resets to 0 and you start over. This is to reward people who keep voting every single day.

    Our current champions are as follows:
    mysql> select name,votes,votebonus from user where votebonus > 20;
    | name            | votes | votebonus |
    | Yamanqui        |   222 |        57 |
    | penfoldex       |   166 |        33 |
    | 5weety          |   251 |        40 |
    | Silverdragon943 |   225 |        56 |
    4 rows in set (0.04 sec)
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