A Quest for My Lost Base

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have tried and failed many times to locate my second ever base on EMC. I never wrote down and coordinates, no screenshots, nothing. All I remember is that it exists, and the few landmarks I used to find it. This is where you all come in. I will offer grand prizes (promos and such) to those who find my base! If you believe you have found it, send me coordinates of the base and I will see for myself if it's my long lost base (even though locked chests with my name will be a dead giveaway). Good luck to you all and let's find my old base!

    What I remember:
    Rough Location: SMP6 Southern Wilderness
    Biome: Most likely forest. (I believe it was hidden under a tree)

    The first landmark is this birch house located at the cords shown in the screenshot. We would often use this house to stop for the night and wait for day.
    This is not the base I am looking for

    From this point I remember running out of the house and the running into the neighboring Taiga biome. From then I recall jumping and running across a frozen lake, but as for which one I am unsure.
    As for the base itself, it was entirely underground with a central area located around a zombie spawner with all the chests located around it. The base had Oak Plank floors and dimly lit rooms.

    Sorry I can't recall much more information but best of luck to everyone and I will try and answer questions I can to the best of my abilities!

  2. This area look familiar? Its about 2700 blocks east of the birch house, and only oaks are cut down. There are also a ton of creeper holes and one random oak structure nearby.
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  3. What was the entrance like? A door, a trapdoor, were there any blocks above-ground?
  4. As for Skiddy, no. It just looks like a forest to me.

    As to Linden, I'm not sure. I have a vague memory of it being under a tree trapdoor like.
  5. Was your base IN the tundra or outside of it
  6. Have you gone through your Rupee log to search for the entries where you locked your chest(s)?
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  7. that's clever thinking!

    There's that little bit of swamp near by, and a small desert too. I don't suppose you remember going through or past those? There are a couple of bases in the vicinity too but they might not have been there back then? (I didn't go out there, I was just having a quick look on the 3D map).

    Do you want to find it just for nostalgia or have you got good loot out there? I remember I once built a jungle tree house years ago, I've never thought about going to find it but now I am...
  8. If you need help to filter your rupee log to find the locked chests I can help. Or is this meant to be a quest? Will you remember and give more details? :)

    Are you sure that base is on SMP6 and not somewhere else? I mean are you sure you didn't confuse the trail and the landmarks with that birch house with a path to something else?

    How did you usually get to the birch house?

    After crossing a frozen lake, how far was it to the base?

    What was the land configuration around the base? Hills, plain, caves, ravine?

    Underground: ravine, abandoned mineshaft, ...? How deep was the base?
  9. Thanks for all the interest everyone! This was years and years ago, so all travel was done on foot in those days. It was most definitely on SMP6 (since Quartz didn't exist yet so I haven't moved to SMP7 at the time). The loot would easily be nothing compared to what I have now, it's more of the point of just finding it again. See how far I've come in over 7 years of playing EMC. The base I know was in the "circle" of pre-explored land around the southern outpost. Since I frequently went to and from town in those days. I'm not sure if I'm confusing the scenery of a singleplayer world or not with this base, but I think there may have been a hill behind where the entrance would be that was arch-like in it's shape. I always could use technical means to find it, but this is more fun of a way to find it imo ;)

    EDIT: Plus 2516 pages of rupee history is not easy to scan through haha
  10. I have means to do that automatically :)
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  11. Hope you find the place. I'm still looking for my lost house I built somewhere as well.
  12. Well thanks to M4ster_M1ner and me scowering all 2516 pages of rupee history, WE HAVE FOUND IT! Turns out I confused the path to my first base with this one, It was actually in an entirely different section of the map (Wild east)

    Thanks everyone for trying to help me find this! It's not much but it was more of a history find for me haha
  13. Lol, congrats on finding it!
  14. GG!! :rofl: :lmao:

    Glad you found it!