A Possible Live In-Game Map!

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Do you think a live in-game map will benefit you?

Yes 6 vote(s) 85.7%
No 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hello fellow members, staff and administration. I'm not sure if this is at all possible but I feel that having an In-Game live map is a great idea! It stops me having to pause the game and take a peek every few seconds to see where I'm heading and what not, as this often frustrates me. Let me know what you all think! :D
  2. You can use mods such as rei's minimap :)
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  3. Title made me think of this; http://thinkmap.thinkofdeath.co.uk/dev/

    But, as Deadmaster stated, the only way you can get a 'live feed' of EMC in-game is through Rei's Minimap or another minimap mod.
  4. you can do /map and open a live map on you browser...or as Deadmaster98 said: you can use a map mod... :);)
  5. From the way he worded it; it sounds like he usually already has the live map open in his browser.
  6. Oh okay. I guess thats fine, I didn't know we could use mods like that on our own!
  7. i know but if you put the browser next to the game it will look as part of the game...;)...use SOME creativity for this
  8. here are the approved mods
    you can also have installed the incompatible mod , but they will not work well or just simply not work
    but remember read rules and notes about mods first!
  9. Having said that it just reduces the size of the gameplay, but I'll see if I can download the mod suggested.
  10. It will? :confused:
  11. no it won't...i just wanted to throw something that could be true. well if you have rectangles(i do not know how do you call the rectangles that are the apps) placed correctly it kinda will
  12. well it would work if you could set your EMC live map to track a certain player... Oh boy, prepare for stalkers if this exists :p
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  13. I use the live map on a lap top beside my desk top. Works just fine. :p
  14. well some of s (me) don't have 2 computers... lol I only have a laptop, no desktop :p