A possible idea to fix lag

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  1. Please read the whole thing or I will have to get ICC to eat you.

    Lag. Sometimes it's a problem. Reboots. Sometimes the solution. However, reboots are often needed when there is no Justin online, one's not scheduled in and it's just a lagfest.

    A possible solution: /vote reboot. Basically, this command would send your vote through to the plugin saying that you want a reboot. A vote will expire after 2 minutes and if over 75% (maybe slightly more) of online players have active votes then a 2 minute countdown would start, ending with a reboot.

    Yes, EMC's club of resident eight year olds might think it's a clever idea to try and abuse the system since they seem to enjoy annoying others. However, I find the chances of 75% of online players being eight year olds slim and a reboot might feed their hunger to cause town chat to be a spamfest (those who lurk on SMP1 - you know who you are). Also, this is the reason votes expire relatively quickly. Eight year olds are slow. Two minutes are beyond them.

    Yes, there's the technical side of things. Yes, I'm clueless about Java and Bukkit plugin coding. However, I don't see this terribly hard to implement. We have the code for the countdown and Bukkit has a built-in command to reboot the server (I think). The only real thing that would have to be done is to create a voting system, as well as idiot-proofing the whole thing.

    To clarify: I do not want the scheduled reboots to be removed. I think a command like this should complement them, providing a way for the community to help it's self when needed. I also feel mods should be able to override all voting with '/vote reboot accept' to immediately start the countdown and '/vote reboot deny' to cancel all votes and to stop any from being cast for 15 minutes.

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  2. i like this idea a lot. good job ^-^
  3. Awesome idea. I have some minor experience in bukkit coding and I can see how this could work.
  4. Good idea.. +1 to Jack!
  5. This could not only fix lag, but could work well against afkgrinding people! Good suggestion Jack! +1!
  6. Bloodra1n: you are a genius. :)
  7. On other more heavily laggggggged out servers periodic reboots (3h intervals) seem to do the trick. Nevertheless this is a great idea :)
  8. The reason I chose community voting over more periodic reboots is that at times, periodic ones aren't needed and just get annoying. By annoying I'm talking about half the server shouting 'OMG WE ALL GONA DIEZ!!!!!!' and they also seem to not have great timing. However, by having reboots when they're actually needed, the second problem is countered and a kick in the face from a cow should fix the first.
  9. AFK grinding is allowed, you know.
  10. I guess I will hid my geniusness (not a word) in a bushel :(
  11. Yes, but it also makes the rest of mob spawning go kaput. I don't like this.
  12. That depends on the server, and how long you leave it/how many mobs are spawned there.
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  14. The solution to the lag is much simpler than letting people screw around with the servers. (which I don't agree with)
    Just get rid of all the non-supporters after a 3 month trial period. Simple Lag GONE! :D
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  15. No. [insert bear picture here] It's called supporters, not subscribers for a reason. I pay my $10 a month because I love EMC, I really do. Justin and Jeremy, in my eyes are well deserving of everything we get. If I was forced to pay for a Minecraft server then I'd simply not join.

    I know many free players on EMC. We have 10 servers, supporter only we'd probably only need two, if that. How do you think EMC's many non-supporters would feel if we suddenly told them they weren't welcome here? Imagine you were one of them. Would you be saying the same thing as now?
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  16. 95% of the EMC population GONE
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  17. Since cursing is against the rules I'll try to make it sound nicer...That is a crappy thing to say. Not everyone has the money in their budget to afford to be a supporter. If EMC got rid of non-supporters after three months they would dwindle rapidly because not every 12 year old's parents would want to pay monthly for them to play on here. What happens if things come up short and you're not able to pay for your supporter membership for a while? "Oh that's too bad, you know the rules" *Res Deleted*

    I see posts about "Supporters being treated disrespectfully because we're supporters." posts, some of us non-supporting members expect respect from you all as well. It's a two way street.
  18. Large groups of people could easily abuse this. It's a good idea but I think a mod or ad in would have to approve it before a reset
  19. this is a good idea but who wold clode this i have try my hand at this 1 round move and a /restart u get a /stop what would give a lage grup from taking a vote to /op {playername} or /stop all?????
  20. I think this is an impossible idea.

    Many people cant tell the difference between serverlag and clientlag - and gosh would i be pissed if i came back after 10min of afk'ing on utopia at a spawner, to find that the server was rebooted because the 3 other people online (75%) thought the server was lagging.

    Its not up to the community to decide how an when a server would be better off with a reboot, cause frankly - im pretty sure noone has a clue why and what problems a reboot would benefit.
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