A Permanent Goodbye

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Olaf_C, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hello EMC,

    I am going to keep this short and simple. I am done. This is the official last goodbye of Olaf. I am Simply writing this to address minor issues.
    1. If you see my account on, it is not me. I have given access to a dear friend
    2. I am not giving away any items or reses. My friend who I gave the items to now has control of my promos, items, and land.
    3. I am no longer accepting new skype contacts, but I will be in touch on skype with current contacts.
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  2. Also, sorry for the typo. "A Permanent Goodbye", not "An Permanent Goodbye"
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  3. Awww D: keep in touch with me on Skype! We will miss you!
  4. May I ask why you are leaving? You will be missed greatly. ):
  5. So this is the goodby you mentioned ingame. Have fun with other things.
  6. Sad to see you go - good luck with any irl things :)
  7. WAT. NO. But babes :(
  8. If i May Ask, Why are you leaving?

    Please don't leave :eek:
  9. I'm very sorry to see you go. I hope you move on to find something even more enjoyable than EMC. Best of wishes.
  10. I'll miss you dude, we joined on almost the same day :c
  11. Hey Olaf, you contacted me on my old Skype but that one was taken with my steam account. :c
    Mind making an exception? :p
  12. Well, I don't see any motive to leave EMC. But thats me. I bet you have your motives.
    I'm kinda curious about your motives but if you don't want to talk about it it's totally understandable.

    Well, anyway, I wish you the best Olaf, that if that is a decision that makes you happy, that you keep with it.
    Farewell Olaf, EMC will sure miss you.
  13. I wish you the best in your future adventures, and good luck. :)
  14. We never really got to know each other, but I hate to see you go :oops: Have fun in real life!
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  15. There's nothing worse than seeing a thread like this in community discussion and wondering which player you're going to find at the top as you scroll up. :( We'll miss you Olaf. You were a good friend, and you made great contributions to this community, whether through your time on the Contribution Team, your Good Samaritan Award, or your wide array of witty, helpful, kind, and brilliant posts. I've enjoyed my time with you, and I wish you best of luck with your future endeavors. Bye, Olaf.
  16. That hit hard, man, that hit real hard :(
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  18. Question: Is this due to that thing we discussed a while back?