A penny for your thoughts?

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  1. I have been really struggling lately on keeping my rupees in my pocket. I have been spending LARGE amounts of rupees on my Mall I'm working on. I have been thinking and I need to start a business. I am posting this thread to ask you, what idea should my business form around? What things can you think of that would keep my money flow at a moderate pace and help EMC at the same time? What type business would you like me to make?

    And if I pick your idea, I will award you with 5k :D 5k for your thoughts? :)
  2. Repairing always does well
  3. How about a payed farm? It's been suggested before, but maybe an auto-smelting system that you can rent out? Or a private tree/cane farm, maybe sell access to infinite villagers...
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  4. I've thought about it, maybe.
  5. Ask around if people need help such as mob hunting, body guarding in the wild, join outposts that give some sorts of rewards(but don't join too much) just help with people, if you have a lot of something, u can sell some of it to somebody's shop
  6. I have a few infinite villagers, good idea :D
  7. Interesting :)
  8. 1: Stop spending Rupees on your mall. Collect the building materials yourself.

    2: Open your mall and start selling commonly requested items that you are ready to sell, like cobble, stone and wood. If you are going to sell these things you might as well get set up for it if you aren't already. Since you are there building anyway you'll be able to explain that you are still working on it and have X ready but not Y. It will get people to start coming to you for things when they need them.

    3: If you can't bear to do #2, make a little skyshop or a shop underground and sell what you have ready there until the mall is finished.

    If you are really serious about building a mall, build a mall. You should be building, collecting resources for building, or collecting supplies to sell right now, not starting some other business that will probably doom it to failure.
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  9. Thanks for the advice :D
  10. Whatever you do, DON"T do a Iron farm. There are probably 200 Iron Farms over all the smps, though maybe only 30 will be active you will have a lot of competition and end up barely making any money. Also don't do a gold farm or you will compete with me....
  11. +1. When people start trying to buy the items to stock their mall, it doesn't always end well. There is the saying "Gotta spend money to make money" but if you're spending more than you're making, you're gonna have a bad time.
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  12. There is a very efficient gold farm in smp3... ;)
  13. I have most of the materials to stock my mall already :)
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  14. That's a good thing. I've seen malls that the owners were venturing to other malls and buying the stuff to stock their store and it pretty much depleted their rupees and they jacked their prices up so high they were as bad if not worse than, /shop.
  15. I made sure I had all the materials to stock it, just quartz is hard to get so I just buy it :) (Most of my mall is made of quartz)
  16. Ordering service. Orders guaranteed on the first day
  17. There are alot of Ordering services (In my opinion)
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  18. yeah but they are successful
  19. I made a repair business. First day of opening i made 50k like that. But i shut down cause it's gonna go to crap in 1.8 anyway.
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  20. Does it max out the entcount in 10-15 minutes? ;)