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Should I look for more nice people to give good prizes away :D

Yes 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. (NOTE: This was in no way a way to get vote for the nice person contest thingy. I told AlexChance about this idea 2 hours before he posted the contest [He was still moderator back then] So please, No "Emergawd your tryin to getz vots fo teh nice persons contest")

    On to my Story:
    I had an idea 9 or 10 days back. I asked Alex about it to see if it was a good one. He said yes so I worked and did it :D

    My plan was to get a set of God armor and then go on a friend's account, so no one knew who I was. I would then find a relatively new member ( 1 to 100 days old ). I would get to know them, and then ask if they could spare me some rupees to vault over some stuff. If they gave me 10 or 20, I would say thanks and move on and later give them it back (Note: this never happened). But, if they gave 100, more than enough I would operate :D

    So let me just start the story:
    (I'm on my friend's account)
    I had already gone through 4 servers looking for a person, and none of them responded. I went on smp2 and saw Ark_Warrior1 talking in chat. I went to his res and saw a awesome building that looked like it took rupees and time and effort. So I messaged him. Got to know him and such. Then I asked if he mined sharing how many rupees he had. He told me 1.7k. I was ecstatic, if he gave me 100r out of his not so much rupees I would be surprised and really happy, because this was the one person I thought deserved this god armor.
    Well, He gave me 100r. I was about to jump out of my seat :D. I then told him I wanted him to meet someone, so I logged off and out of my friend's account and into my main account.
    I logged on to smp2 and why don't I just quote what happened:

    Minner: Well Done :D
    Ark: thx
    Minner: Thank you for being so nice and giving me 100r out of your rupees
    Minner: For that I am giving you this.
    *Hands over God armor*
    Ark: thanks sooooo much
    Minner: No thank you!
    Ark: wow
    Minner: for being so nice!
    Minner: I was *inserts friends account Name*
    Ark: oh ok
    Ark: oh cool
    Ark: cool
    (catching on to what happened :p)
    Minner: It was a test, if you were nice to me, I would be nice in return :D
    Ark: cool

    After this he continued to thank me and then we got a screeny :D

    Also afterwards I said "Oh here's your 100r back" and sent 1k

    Now, What's the point of this? Not to do nice things for rewards, but to do them out of the spirit of giving :D It doesn't have to be just Christmas to giving your fellow EMCer's gifts! I'm not saying go give all of your rupees out and everything you own. Even though thats great, its a little overkill.

    I spent time and money on getting that god armor, and it was so easy to give it away to such a nice person :D

    Also: I had never meet Ark_Warrior1 before, I didn't go to one of my friends and stage this. It was totally on the spot of someone being nice and I being nice in return.

    Point: Be nice to people and people will be nice to you :D
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  2. that was a great experience for me. You are the nicest person I know on here!
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  3. Thats really cool! Awesome job both of you. If only everyone was as nice.
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